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Protoculture – Music Is More Than Mathematics

Protoculture - Music Is More Than Mathematics

Unlike my previous attempts of assessing musical talents, I think it would be suitable if I begin the review without giving a preamble. (And I think, such a stance is befitting for an album of such stature.)

The first three tracks are like three sides of an equilateral triangle. “Across An Ocean Of Stars (Intro Mix)”, “Vertigo (feat. Ilana)”, and “Talisman” are balanced when it comes to musical sensibilities and ambient sounds.

Rush Of Life”, a track Protoculture did with Johnny Yono & vocalist Lynn Olsen, is parallel to none. It fuses trance into the modern-day EDM beats. This was followed by melody-heavy “I Found Love”. In this track, the piano does all the talking for me.

If Ellie Goulding became the voice of Tris in the movie ‘Divergent’ then Christian Burns’ vocals are definitely made for Theo. (Junkie XL, take notice!) “Knife Games (Throwing Daggers)” reminds me of a scene in the movie where Theo threw daggers at Tris (and he “damages” her ear). The song is like a ray that hits the heart. Protoculture has done a great job in encapsulating the full effect of the vocals.

Axiom”, the seventh track of the album, is like the musical interpretation of a Pythagoras’ theorem: the two talents of trance music’s best, Protoculture and Max Graham equals a massive dance floor melody.

Laguna” is a song which is like a line. Why? Well, a line never ends and similarly, one cannot get enough of it and will surely listen to in endless repetition. The track has a proper uplifting vibe without the messiness of melodramatic orchestral loops.

Super Collider”, “Challenger”, “Annapurna”, and the title track “Music Is More Than Mathematics” are like four sides of a trancy quadrilateral shape. For some, this shape will be a square — equal from all sides. For some, it will be like a trapezoid — unequal, but yet full in its state. For me, it is like a kite — free flying. All four tracks are great examples of contemporary trance music. I especially love “Music Is More Than Mathematics” because it shows how we have forgotten the trance of 90s where producers used robotic voices and massive melodic songs.

Northern Lights”, the penultimate vocal trance track of the album, is like an isosceles triangle where the talents of Shane Halcon and Jennifer Rene lie equally on Protoculture’s ability of telling story through electronic melodies. I absolutely loved the way ended the track.

Burning Bridges (feat. Tricia McTeague)” comes at the “unlucky” 13 position, but the track showcases the perpendicular properties. The trancy melody of Protoculture is symmetric to Tricia’s vocals.

The harmonious Outro Mix of “Life Signs” brings the album to a full circle, a position where you will definitely like to give the album another listen.


So, what’s the verdict? Does ‘Music Is More Than Mathematics’ sum to be a good album? Or is it just a subtraction of your money? Honestly, ‘Music Is More Than Mathematics’ sums up to be the best album of 2014, so far. Protoculture has created an authentic trance album where melodies are striking euphonious chords in your heart. He has created stories in his music and personally, to me that is what trance music is really about. Every track on this album is so relatable to your personal experiences and it leaves you with a conclusion that Music is indeed more than Mathematics.



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