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Moonbeam – Space Odyssey: Mars

Moonbeam - Space Odyssey: Mars

Space Odyssey: Mars” is an epic journey through the different realms of the Electronic Music universe…

Star date 2014, it’s been four years since the last Space Odyssey went on a mission. Cosmonauts Pavel and Vitaly Khavleev are prepping the Moonbeam spacecraft for the second leg of the journey. The mission – travel to no man has gone before – “Space Odyssey: Mars.”

The journey begins with Special Mars 2014 remix of “See The Difference Inside” featuring the lovely vocals of Julie B. Reaching space altitude, the brothers guaranteed smoothness towards the red planet with techy beats of their track “Mirrors” before groovy trance beats courtesy of Cosmic Gate’s “Wake Your Mind” and “Twilight Is Coming.”

The duo brought in the percussion and analogue distorts in Hells Kitchen’s “Close Your Eyes,” their celestial take on Andain’s “You Once Told Me” and the Tvardovsky remix of Progreg’s “Sing For You” featuring the sultry vocals of Cary Less. The journey progresses with deep beats and guitars riffs of “Long Journey Home” by Kiholm & Josh Money before bringing us back to techy vibes courtesy of “Born To Scream.”

We are on final approach…

Moonbeam gradually slow things down but kept it melodic with Andy Duguid’s “In This Moment” mixing celestial beats with piano riffs and the angelic voice of Audrey Gallagher. They followed with electro beats of Allesandro’s “Awake” before engulfing us with their acid take of “Lovethief” by Mars Needs Lovers & Mmadcatz filling the spacecraft with deep bass lines and great percussion – a signal for the us to wake up from their deep hibernation. As we descend to the red planet, Moonbeam ends the first part of the journey with tron-like indie beats of Fromance’s “Back To Earth.”

Second part of the journey begins with some smooth grooves of 2Fashion’s “Such a Shame” preceded by percussion and deep basslines of Indifferent Guy’s “Danger” which features the hypnotizing voice of Eva Pavlova and Joshi’s “Raging Blue.” Before switching to a mellower house beats of Myon & Shane 54’s “Outshine” and Da Fresh’s “Angel.”

The duo switched to hyper-drive with techy riffs and deep basslines courtesy of Orbik’s “If It’s Love” and Jaytech’s melodic remix of “Your Secret’s Safe” by Julie Thompson and Super8 & Tab. They brought in the percussion-filled techy track “Twisted Mind” by Mier before progressing to some trance chops and distortions in “Morevenin” by Matt Fax. Moonbeam slowed things down with qoob’s “Apollo 17” and Vian Pelez‘s “The Fountain.” The sooner track is my favorite of the album – melodic beats filled with piano riffs throughout – its almost like a signal that the journey is about to end.

We are now entering Earth’s atmosphere with a banger in Kris O’Neil’s take on “Do It Over” by Tom Cloud and Antonia Lucas. The journey ends with some smooth melodic beats of “Fancy” by Marsbeing.

With seamless transition, brilliant track progression and the ever so gorgeous Moonbeam melody, “Space Odyssey: Mars” will be a great addition your Electronic Music collection.


Disc 1
101 – Moonbeam feat. Julia B – See The Difference Inside (Special Mars 2014 Remix)
102 – Moonbeam – Mirrors
103 – Cosmic Gate & Cary Brothers – Wake Your Mind (Extended Mix)
104 – Moonbeam feat. Avis Vox – Twilight Is Coming
105 – Hells Kitchen – Close Your Eyes (Original Mix)
106 – Andain – You Once Told Me (Moonbeam Remix)
107 – Progreg feat. Cary Less – Sing For You (Tvardovsky Remix)
108 – Kiholm feat. Josh Money – Long Journey Home (Original Mix)
109 – Moonbeam & Jan Zyabovski – Born To Scream
110 – Andy Duguid & Audrey Gallagher – In This Moment (Original Mix)
111 – Allesandro – Awake (Original Mix)
112 – Mars Needs Lovers & Mmadcatz – Lovethief (Moonbeam Remix)
113 – Fromance – Back To Earth

Disc 2
201 – 2Fashion – Such a Shame (Moonbeam Remix)
202 – Indifferent Guy feat. Eva Pavlova – Danger
203 – Joshi – Raging Blue (Original Mix)
204 – Myon & Shane 54 with Natalie Peris – Outshine (Nigel Good Remix)
205 – Da Fresh feat. Blackfeel Wite – Angel (Moonbeam Remix)
206 – Orbik – If It’s Love (Original Mix)
207 – Julie Thompson with Super8 & Tab – Your Secret’s Safe (Jaytech Remix)
208 – Mier – Twisted Mind (Original Mix)
209 – Matt Fax – Morevenin (Remode Mix)
210 – qoob – Apollo-17
211 – Vian Pelez – The Fountain (Extended Mix)
212 – Tom Cloud & Antonia Lucas – Do It Over (Kris O’Neil Remix)
213 – Marsbeing – Fancy


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