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Jayeson Andel – Urban Monks


Silk Music label is definitely one of the best release labels out there, when it comes to sophisticated and slow tempo music. Bringing some of the best silky and smoothy releases since 2008.

This year is a very succesful one for the label and there has been many great releases, so many good tracks supported by some of the biggest stars of the scene and simply said, Silk is on it’s top right now. Being kind of a proof of this situation, Jayeson Andel comes out with a very interesting debut album called Urban Monks.

Debuting in the album sphere, Jayeson takes us all on a special kind of a journey throughout his production style. „We’ll Build It Here“ creates a nice intro feeling, delivers the right mood into your heart, calms everything down and it’s all about that smoothy melody. Nice one Jayeson!

The headline of the album Urban Monks is of course also one of the tracks and it indeed evokes the exact feelings the word urban does. Amazing that it really sounds kind of urbanish, not every producer can pin point the details of the track to beautifuly match the name of the track, which itself is a slowtempo beauty with a very original bassline. For me personally, I hear something that could be used in the legendary Half-Life 3 right away, perfect.

Do you guys remember how many people loved „The Brute“ from Ferry & Armin? Well, „Follow The Firefly Lanterns“ has a very similiar driving beat that kind of also matches the marching of an army in brute, but with one difference, it’s much, really much more melodic, driving and I dare to say, much better in every piece! To all that, there are great twiches and tweeks that give the track an original look.


Electrifying track? Indeed, Jayeson added that one too! „Drone“ is a nice piece of music with great bassline, specific melody and when it all comes together, it really is something special, yet I can imagine, that for some people it could sound repetive. Then again when it comes to having and original piece before bed and want to hear something not ordinary, then you’ll definitely like the track with dubstep influence „Walking With a Colossus“.

Those of you who like it beatless, then I definitely recommend the two part track called „Awe“. Made strictly out of deep melody, this one quickly becomes the exact type of track for the „thinking about the whole universe“ moments. Great feelings all the way!

Last track I’m about to mention in this short review is the mighty „Achilles“. I can imagine that this will become a favorite intro track in the sets of many DJs of all levels. Looking gentle at first, but when the beat arrives it infuses the track with deep bass and combined with once again an original bassline? A beauty. And don’t even get me started on that drop after the breakdown, strong is a weak word for that. Though what I like the most on this track and probably on the whole album, is the breakdown of this track, to be honest I haven’t heard something so simply smoothing, gentle and „cuddly“ in a very long time. For me the main part of the breakdown is the type of music they play when you’re on your way to heaven.

I did not know what to expect when I was firstly listening to this debut album, although I’m a fan of Jayeson’s music, I could not even imagine how would his album sound. So my expectations were unmesurable, there were none, not because I would not believe in Jayeson, but because I did not know what to expect. And in a strange way I’m glad I didn’t, because this album really is worth it. It’s an original piece of music, not mainstream, not something everyone will like, it’s simply Jayeson Andel.



Trance Producer/DJ and Chief Reviewer for Trance Hub.

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