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In Search Of Sunrise 13.5


Another beautiful summer, another beautiful sunny ride while searching for the mysterious sunrise.

Every year for many years now, many trance music fans dive into the search for the sunrise with the newest compilation from this serie. This year is no exception and Richard Durand teams up with BT and together they take us on their travel with them. Let us dive into the first CD right away, shall we?

Intro track is definitely very satisfying, slow start, gentle vocal whispering and settleing you for the journey to come, combined with touching piano bits. I believe you will fall into the right “sunny” mood instantly.

First CD consists of many tracks from different producers, but there are three tracks from Moonbeam. Coincidence? I don’t think so. This legendary project seems to somehow underated in the scene of today and it is good to see that they got their spotlight on this compilation. Producing very original pieces of music, Moonbeam is loved by someone and disliked by others, but one thing is for sure, that their sound is so soothing and is definitely made with high quality skills. Perfect example? “Heaven” with vocals from Sopheary, you will love that!

My trancy favorite from CD 1? Would actually think that it will come from someone more known, but not at all. My musical heart melted when I first heard the progressive bomb from Azotti caled “First Kiss” and it has definitely been my first kiss with his productions, not the last one I hope. Stunning melody, perfectly weighted beat, nothing too overbassed, just a simple, sweet piece for every progressive trance fan!

Talking about progressive trance, we head into the next highlight of the first CD. Track called “Disappearance” with vocals from Ghost Wars and production hanled by a VERY talented guy from Poland – Bastian Salbart. Bastian has been proving his talent to all the world for some years now and it is definitely good to see him on this compilation. Disappearance is a modern progressive track with sawy background, yet still great to just put on your headphones and relax.

Steping into disc two, we find ourselves in another beautiful intro from Vidda Deborras, stunning pieces, both the intros!

Second disc is for those of you who like it either progressive or uplifty! You will find both on this disc, so everyone will surely choose their favorites! For those of us, who enjoy slower tempo, yet still we dig those crazy basslines, brutal synths and simply said the modern side of progressive trance? – Let me higlight one of those mad tracks that you just can’t predict for the first time. Reseize & Dani Avramov show us how their „Last Decade“ was and I’m sure that you will love it! Strong, electric yet melodic, synthy, oh it’s just banging!

I could probably tell you about every track that is on disc 2 and be positive about them all, but I seriously think that disc 2 is really for everyone. From progressive trance to techy synths to uplift and even psy beats? I’m sure you yourself should make your own opinion about this one.


Disc 3? OH MY GOD! Amazing what has BT done, just amazing! One thing that is absolutely great about everything that BT does, is the fact that he does not hurry up his music and you can feel it so much, you can almost touch it. In a scene where everything is so „ripping“, „destroying“ and make mainly for the fact to destroy the dancefloor, BT takes his time and takes you through every single beat, makes you feel every single tremble, every single change, I mean, listening to this disc was the true journey through music! Oh and favorites? Hmmmmm, well, considering that LTN has 3 tracks on this disc, it has to be one from him right? RIGHT! “The Girl With The White Shoes” by LTN & Kokai is a stunning piece of amazing twists, melody so good you want to lick it and beats so chillfull you’ll fly away!

To be honest, many fans don’t believe in ISOS very much after the legendary Tiësto stopped leading it, but I believe that Richard Durand has taken over the wheel very well and he’s doing his best. However in these times and in the scene as it is right now, not many people really do want to go on that legendary musical journey to find the sunrise. Now, of course ISOS can never be better than it was before, but I seriously believe that this piece has some magic in it and deserves your attention, you may be suprised how you’ll like it.

EXPECTATIONS: 4/10 (some good tracks, nothing too special)

OUTCOME: 6/10 (definitely a nice journey with some great tracks, closer to that sunrise indeed)


Trance Producer/DJ and Chief Reviewer for Trance Hub.

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