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In Search Of Sunrise 12: Dubai

In Search Of Sunrise 12: Dubai

Summer is upon us and Richard Durand is proud to bring us some beats to bring to the beach in this year’s ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ compilation. The 12th edition brings us to the middle eastern world of Dubai, the rapidly growing and ever-expanding city. The three-disc CD features compilation done by Durand as well as a guest compilation mix by Lange. So what does this compilation bring to the table? Come with me and let’s check it out.

Durand delivered smoothness in Disc 1 right from his opening track, “Dubai Desert Fish.” The subtle beats mixed with melodic rhythms is a nice start to this compilation. Even the vocal tracks have subtle smoothness to them especially in “The Space Between”, “Chasing Stars,” “Lost Soul” and my favorite track “Come With Me.” But don’t let this smoothness fool you though, tracks such as “Sambuca”, “Epic” and “Sphinx” bring in some rockin’ beats to make things a little bit interesting.

If Disc 1 was all about smoothness, Disc 2 is like a roller coaster ride. A lot of progressive sounds on this second mix with Durand switching things constantly. He drops melodic tracks such as Gai Barone’s “Eve”, “Atlantis” and David Broaders take on “Forever In Our Hearts” mixed in between bangers such as “Better in Time,” “Ten Thousand Suns”, “Karma” and Cold Rush’s take on “Imagination.” He then closes out this mix with a barrage of uplifting tracks from Driftmoon’s “The Inquisitor” to Ferrin & Morris’ “Amatoria.”

Durand then hands over the reigns to Lange for the third mix of the album. And he didn’t disappoint – churning out progressive tracks such as “Hussar”, “Verano” and Kris O’Neil’s take on the classic “Just Be” as well as some underground bass line courtesy of “Quantum” in the Future Disciple remix, “Out of Coverage” and “Hey! While The Sun Shines.” The transition between tracks were superb especially between the two vocal tracks – “History” and “Never Far.” He closes his mix with two banging tracks in “Zeal” and “Melbourne.”

In Search of Sunrise 12’ is an amazing album with seamless transition and good selection of tracks. The album is definitely a great album to listen to this summer and beyond. The album is out now so go and grab your copy.


Mix 1: Richard Duran
101 – Richard Durand – Dubai Desert Fish (Intro Mix)
102 – Azotti feat. Bagga Bownz – Day And Night
103 – Jeremy Vancaulart, Assaf feat. Laura Aqui – The Space Between
104 – Talamanca – Ocean Drive (Savid Remix)
105 – Somna & Yang feat. Michele C. – Chasing Stars
106 – Kam Delight – Whatever You Like
107 – Richard Durand & Cynthia Hall – Shield Of Faith
108 – NoMosk & Roman Messer feat. Christina Novelli – Lost Soul
109 – Sean Tyas – Take A Moment
110 – Rafael Frost & Jennifer Rene – Higher (Hazem Beltagui Remix)
111 – Driftmoon – Luminance
112 – RAM – Epic
113 – Ronny K. vs. Ren – Come With Me
114 – Richard Durand – Sambuca
115 – Faruk Sabanci & James Dymond – Sphinx

Mix 2: Richard Durand
201 – Richard Durand – Atlantis (Intro Mix)
202 – Gai Barone – Eve
203 – IRA & Paulina Dubaj – Better In Time
204 – Ruben de Ronde – Forever In Our Hearts (David Broaders Remix)
205 – Moonbeam feat. Polina Griffith – I Go On
206 – Alex O’Rion – Cocoa (Trance Mix)
207 – High 5 feat. Nanje Nowack – Ten Thousand Suns
208 – Adam Kancerski feat. Aneym – Into The Light
209 – Sunny Lax – Karma
210 – Roman Messer feat. Ange – Imagination (Cold Rush Remix)
211 – Driftmoon – The Inquisitor
212 – ReOrder – Beyond Horizons
213 – Elfsong – Seldarine
214 – Amir Hussain & Allen Watts – Step Into My World
215 – Dimension – On Her Behalf
216 – Ferrin & Morris – Amatoria

Mix 3: Lange
301 – Danilo Ercole – Contact
302 – Max Freegrant & Matrey – Hussar
303 – Tiësto feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – Just Be (Kris O’Neil Remix)
304 – Dimension – Verano
305 – Johnny Yono – The Recluse
306 – Andy Moor – Fade To Light
307 – Bissen – Quantum (Future Disciple Remix I)
308 – Michael Badal – Carnivale
309 – Tangle – Firebird
310 – Lange pres. LNG – Hey! While The Sun Shines
311 – Andy Duguid feat. Jaren – History
312 – Ari Kyle & Audioscape feat. Simon Latham – Never Far
313 – Anske – Vilnius
314 – Bobina – Out Of Coverage
315 – Anske – Dreamcatcher
316 – Lange – A Different Shade Of Crazy (Lange vs. Refracture Breaks Mashup)
317 – Mateusz – Zeal (In Search Of Sunrise Mix)
318 – David Gravell – Melbourne


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