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Gary Maguire – iИside

Gary Maguire - iИside

Gary Maguire is back and set to release his debut album “iИside.” The album contains 13 tracks of which 11 are previously unreleased.

You can tell from the get-go that iИside is a must have for trance lovers out there. The album’s intro – “Don’t Believe the Hype” is quite dramatic – opening with some haunting melody before your speakers are magically filled with some dark, deep pulsating beats. Tracks such as “Can You Hear Us,” “Anonymous” and “By My Side” features haunting chants/vocals surrounded by pulsating techno beats and deep sexy melodies.

Enjoy faster pulsating beats? not to worry, Maguire got you covered with the tracks such as “It’s Complicated,” “Playing Games” and “Beer Goggles,” my favorite track of the album. Need to uplift your spirits? Gary got you with “Rewinding Time,” “Cangaru,” “Clear Purpose” and “INside.”

With seamless transition, the album is well-balanced and quite enjoyable. Whether you are a Gary Maguire fan or not, “iИside” is definitely a worthy album to listen. Album will be release in stores June 16, 2014 on Discover Records.

01. Don’t Believe the Hype (iNside Intro Version)
02. Can You Hear Us
03. Anonymous (ft. the Bro)
04. It’s Complicated
05. Playing Games
06. Rewinding Time
07. Cangaru (with Anthony Quinn)
08. By My Side (with CLSM) (ft. Lisa Abbott)
09. Beer Goggles
10. Make Believe
11. Press Play
12. Clear Purpose
13. INside (ft. the Bro + Sis)



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