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Discover Dark 100

Discover Dark 100

Are you afraid of the dark?

No, I’m not talking about Halloween or Hauntings but rather are you afraid of the dark side of trance? If not, then get ready for a journey down the rabbit hole with “Discover Dark 100.”

Mixed by Discover Dark head-honcho Oberon, the 18 track album is filled with hard pounding bass and tech trance synths that would surely make you stand and dance! The hour long album is filled with rolling percussive bass line and synthesized sounds of some of the top underground trance producers such as John Askew, John O’Callaghan, Sean Tyas, Indecent Noise, Lisa Lashes, Bryan Kearney, Estigma and Peter Plaznik. Listening to this album will induce euphoria and make you dance to the beat till you drop.

So get ready to go down the rabbit hole with “Discover Dark 100” and re-discover the dark side of trance.

Catalogue Number: DISDAR100
Release Dates:
—– CD:
July 21, 2014
—– Beatport Exclusive Download: July 28, 2014
—– Digital Download (All stores): August 11, 2014
Label: Discover Dark

01. John Askew – Chime (Liam Wilson Tech Remix)
02. O’Callaghan & Kearney – Pendulum (Chris Voro Remix)
03. Bryan Kearney – More to Life (Origin ‘Cold Razor’ Remix)
04. Activa pres. Mekk – Restless (Peter Plaznik’s No Sleep Remix)
05. Bryan Kearney – Punchline (Sequence & Deathmind Remix)
06. Sean Tyas – Rulebook (Johann Stone Remix)
07. Indecent Noise – Zokete (Omega Drive ‘Make Some Noise’ Remix)
08. Oberon – Danger Ahead (Johan Ekman Remix)
09. Lisa Lashes – Numero Uno (Ian Booth Remix)
10. John Askew – Battery Acid (Oberon’s Bad Acid Remix)
11. John Askew – Giving You Acid (Casey Rasch & John Merki Remix)
12. Greg Downey – King Dong (Oberon’s 12” Remix)
13. Matt Skyer – Throwing Swords (Jamie Drummond Remix)
14. Indecent Noise – Civitanova (Estigma Remix)
15. Jamie Drummond – Code Zero (Diego Morrill Remix)
16. Adam Foley – Trip Switch (Spencer Hardwick Remix)
17. John Askew & Matt Hardwick – Slaves to the Machine (Drama Remix)
18. Peter Plaznik – Destroyer (Casey Rasch Remix)
19. Discover Dark 100 (Mixed by Oberon) [Album Only]


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