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Dennis Sheperd – Fight Your Fears


We recently got our horny hands on a very special piece of music, an album filled with 17 tracks and let’s be honest that is not a small number in a world where one track can bring you everything. Anyway, the special piece of music I’m talking about is a special project and it’s the first crowdfunded trance album to be ever released by this method (talk about having the best fans) and that is definitely something worth mentioning and noticing!

Who stands behind it? Oh it’s no newbie, no, no! To be honest it’s the second artist album of the one and only Dennis Sheperd. After three years of perfecting his sound in the studio he finally decided that the whole album sounds the way it should sound and we think that those years surely paid off!

The album is set to be released on Dennis’s own label „A Tribute To Life“ on April 17th and it is completely packed with vocal collaborations! Specificly it’s 12 vocal tracks and only 5 instrumentals on this album guys, so it’s definitely something great for those of you who like to sing along! Who’s on the vocals? Oh don’t worry it’s the top of the scene – Christina Novelli, JES, Ana Criado, Molly Bancroft, Katty Heath and many more.


Dennis named this second artist album of his „Fight Your Fears“ and he himself claims that it’s not just a title of the album, but more like a message to his fans: “It tells them to widen their horizons, step out of their comfort zones and give new things and experiences a try.” + some more nice words about the album from the creator himself: ”The production of this album has been an amazing journey. I was able to work with astounding talented people, some with whom I have also worked on the first album, and not only that: This album is also about new friendships all around the world! Music connects, not only the fans but also those who create it!” A nice message indeed, thumbs up from our whole team Dennis!

Dennis Sheperd is known especially for his special touch in trance music that always somehow balanced between the likes of open-minded and melodic mix of progressive, trance and electro. Does it work? After listening to „Fight Your Fears“ I personally believe it works perfectly. Now please guys, don’t get me wrong when I write here that I’m not into vocals anymore, that is only my personal view on the whole scene today, HOWEVER! – Some of the vocal tracks found on this album? Even I found myself singing along and chair-raving to them so that definitely shows the high quality of those melodic pieces!

Favorites from the whole album? Hmmm, let’s see – I think that „D-BEST“ track (as far as my ears are concerned) is definitely „Runaway“, but hey of course it is! What could possibly go wrong when Dennis Sheperd and Cold Blue get together? Especially when JES lends her perfect vocals? That’s a fu*king driving anthem right there, that is the thing that will rip the floor off in your room, that is the thing that will make you push the volume to the MAX, that is the thing that will rock!


Other great tracks are definitely „Sky (Fight Your Fears)“, „Neocortex“, „Summer“ but all those are just my own personal favorites. This album is truly packed with something that every progressive trance fan should look for in today’s music scene. If you really like the PROPER progressive stuff (which is pretty hard to come by these days), then this album is a „must buy“ for you, more so if you like to sing while you’re listening to your favorite music. I’m absolutely sure that anyone who buys this special piece will surely find at least few tracks that will catch him/her by the balls/heart.

Ranking? Judge for yourself, I think that this is definitely better than any other spring releases in 2015.

Fight Your Fears’ will be available on CD and digitally on all portals from April 17th on. Pre-order the album on PledgeMusic:

For more info, check out


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