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Bastian Salbart – Kill Me For The Thrill

Bastian Salbart - Kill Me For The Thrill

Kill Me For The Thrill” – Should I, really? No, I would not dare to hurt someone who is making top quality music amongst the young talents from Central Europe. What I do dare though, is to review the latest track of Bastian Salbart – a young fella from Poland who is taking his star higher and higher by every track and who was recently amazed the crowd of FSOE festival in Poland in August.

Rough name of the track puts a thought in everyone’s mind that this one will be a dance floor killer, but I think the opposite is the truth. Male and female vocals are rarely seen in one track, yet Bastian “dares” to use both in this latest deed of his. Salbart has taken on many tracks in the past few years, yet this is the first time that the “big league” notices more, why? And at last, Armin approves, do we? Take a read!

KMFTT” seems to be a very special track, it differs very much from anything we can hear in the scene today, there is no often used form in this track, it’s pure original. Male and female vocals used makes it even more special and it could be a back breaker, but it isn’t, both vocals fill in each other perfectly and it gives a very rare feeling to the track, you start to sing along yet you feel the background of the track to be the stronger feeling, haven’t heard something like that in years, very well done Bastian!

On the other hand, this unique track surely does not belong to the box with a stample “BEST” on it. I personally believe we definitely heard better tracks from Bastian in 2014, for example “Can People Fly”, “One More Day”, or the epic intro track “Run” is far more greater than “KMFTT”, yet it’s definitely not a bad track and it definitely packs something special in itself, because the so proclaimed “king” (Armin van Buuren) noticed it and gave his support to it in ASOT. What more can you want? What more do you need to know to listen to this track? Bastian outdid himself and the quality is being noted.

So in a few words?

Beautiful mix of vocals, great toyful sounds, reverbs, bass line is top-notch as always, breakdown is very original and “steppy”. Not a dance floor killer, way too original and special for a dance floor. And yes, I heard better from Bastian.



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