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Bastian Salbart – iMagine

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Remember we had an article here on our site about a young talent from Poland, a couple of months back? Back then, we told you this guy is the next rockstar of the trance scene, guess what. He’s completely making it happen!

Bastian Salbart strikes the listeners all around the globe with his newest track iMagine and it is exactly the type of track that deserves much attention and at least 486296 listens by every “true” trance listener! Gentle, whispering vocal tells you to i-magine and what can you do else when the breakdown is so heart-warming? Sit back, enjoy, relax and most of all IMAGINE all the little happy cells in your whole body that are shivering on your skin while you’re listening to this beauty!

Oh and when the drop comes? It’s like being thrown away into a brutal state of mind filled with extatic feelings! What we really love about Bastian’s music is the fact that he can create it and combine two main elements of trance music:
1) Very gentle and emotive breakdowns filled with all kinds of guitar sounds, whispering vocals, simply something to sooth the soul.

2) Brutal beats, cruel synths, all perfectly mixed together to blow you away!

If this guy really isn’t the next big thing, then we don’t know who is! What a wonderful start of the new year for this youngster.


Previous singles of Bastian Salbart have been supported by also Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Paul Oakenfold among others. We hope to hear more tracks like “iMagine” in 2015.


Trance Producer/DJ and Chief Reviewer for Trance Hub.

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