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Arrival 02 – Destination Indonesia

Arrival 02: Destination Indonesia

Silk Music is bringing us the second edition of the Arrival series. After traveling to United Kingdom, the second edition brings us to the Far East – Indonesia – the land with beautiful beaches and culture. Mixed by Indonesia’s own LTN and Arrival label manager Probity, Arrival 02: Destination Indonesia brings us to a beautiful journey through 19 trance and progressive tracks. The compilation contains 19 tracks mixed by Indonesia’s own LTN and Arrival label manager Probity.

Arrival 02 starts with Denis Delcroix’s “In Do,” a calming yet powerful mix filled with far eastern melodies and haunting chant before a change of pace in Vesta by Mike Koglin and MoodFreak. From the point on, my speakers were filled with smooth jazzy-soulful beats, powerful vocals and deep groovy bass through the sounds of Volant, Shingo Nakamura, Vintage & Morelli, Justin Oh, Justin Vilborg and Fon.Leman to name a few. The compilation ended like when it started – through the peaceful and relaxing melodies of the ambient mix of Elyse by eleven.five.

Arrival 02: Destination Indonesia is filled with ambient tones, far eastern melodies and groovy bass. It has a good mixture of genre – from trance to progressive to ambient. This compilation is a great follow up to the first Arrival.  Arrival 02: Destination Indonesia is out now on iTunes and Beatport.



  1. Denis Delcroix – In Do (Arrival 02 Overture Mix)
  2. Mike Koglin & MoodFreak pres. Sudhaus – Vesta (Original Mix)
  3. eleven.five – Gamble (Original Mix)
  4. Fon.Leman – You Can’t Hide (Original Mix)
  5. LTN & Vintage & Morelli – Us (Original Mix)
  6. SNR – Limbo (Original Mix)
  7. Johan Vilborg – Second Wind (Illuminor Remix)
  8. Justin Oh ft. Jonny Rose – Pyramid Of Lights (Original Mix)
  9. Vintage & Morelli – Jakarta (Original Mix)
  10. Sound Quelle & Max Meyer – Toscana (Original Mix)
  11. Shingo Nakamura & Jacob Henry – Words Unspoken (Peter Illias Remix)
  12. Lukas Termena & Sinoptik Music – Silence (David Broaders Remix)
  13. APD & Kris Maydak – Vault Sky (Original Mix)
  14. Matt Fax – Moonlight (Original Mix)
  15. LTN & Kokai – The Underground Sound (Original Mix)
  16. eleven.five – Elyse (Ambient Mix)

iTunes Bonus Tracks:

  1. Marsh ft. eleven.five – Here I Am (Original Mix)
  2. Volant – Closer (Original Mix)
  3. Mrmilkcarton – The Last Of Us (Original Mix)


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