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Deep house has risen so much for the past few years that it is almost incredible. It’s that often when a slow tempo music joins so many people together on so many events. Most people will simply say that they love the vibe and if someone knows how to make the right vibe, it’s definitely every one and each artist on Anjunadeep label.

Coming out for the seventh year already, another compilation hits the world with it’s great deepness. We haven’t heard a single “bad” opinion about the new 7th episode of anjunadeep and I personally believe that even this somehow short yet all saying review will become one of the positive opinions. I know that it has been over a month since AD07 is out, but believe me when I say to you that I had to be patient with this compilation. It’s complex, it’s beautiful and it takes some time until you appreciate it the right way you should.

“CD 1 is sounding so same” – Was one of the first things I’ve heard about the first CD from one of my friends. Good thing that he added the “and it’s f*king amazing” part right after that first sentence, hahaha. I’ve took some time to kind of get it all sunked in and I think I’m ready to say that yes, there is indeed something repetive about the tracks on CD 1, BUT that is only possible if you hear the first disc for just once. With every next listen I take, the CD becomes richer, compeling and so much more interesting. It’s also very deep and by very deep I mean some serious deepness, guys. It’s not often now, that a compilation takes you on a ride through a cold, autumn evening but the first disc does it perfectly. I haven’t heard something so interesting and even meditating for few years now and it surely made my evenings a lot better. Simply stunning for those lonely evenings with a glass of good wine and a great book.

Favorites? I would like to say that the whole disc, but I won’t, I’ll specify. Both the intro and the outro tracks, intro by Esteble, outro by Kahwe – stunning pieces, got them on repeat every day.  Then the next one would be “Dawn To Dusk” by Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fanizza, those electric bits and pieces take me to a complete different place. I guess that if I would not mention something from 16 Bit Lolitas I wouldn’t even have to write any of this, indeed – the “Sediment” is one of my favorites from both discs and it surely deserves a lot of attention.


DISC 2 – Now we’re talking. Yes, I like the second disc a lot more and mainly because the diversity of the tracks is known from the first push of the play button. Every tracks represents a bit of something else and somehow that makes you want more, more and more of it all. The second disc is filled with absolute beauties and the most beautiful thing about them is the fact that they can’t simply get repetive, in any way.

If anything took my breath, than it surely is the new track by Martin Roth. Called “Have You Ever” and I think I haven’t, ever – heared anything so rhytmic, melodic, with such original vocals in it. This one is surely and by far the best track from the whole compilation. What can I say, you can’t go wrong with Martin Roth. Followed by other beauties like “Not The Only One” from 16 Bit Lolitas that take it to the next level once again by calming it all down, adding a bit of guitar and that’s that, here’s  your stunning deep house. Talking about next level, Maribou State created something I consider very special, called “Rituals“. A track I didn’t like for a couple of first listens but it all somehow grew on me and from a certain point, that piece is one of my TOP 3 of both discs, amazing stuff.

CD 2 is absolutely filled with incredible tracks and I could write down all the positive stuff about every single one, but I think that you guys want to check them out yourself by now, you should, you really should. Dave Dk, Meramek, Lancelot and many more created amazing pieces that got on these two discs and made it a “must buy” for me and many other fans aswell.




Trance Producer/DJ and Chief Reviewer for Trance Hub.

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