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Anjunabeats Volume 12


Shortly before Christmas 2015, the new compilation from label Anjunabeats came out, promising some amazing tunes combined on two discs.

The promise was surely fulfilled as the tracklist looks very juicy! Names like Oliver Smith, Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fanizza, Ilan Bluestone or Above & Beyond themselves gave their touch and spirit into this edition. I’ll give my own look into this magical journey, giving you a heads-up about the best tracks in my opinion.

Kicking off the first CD, we dive into the waves of typical Anjunadeep sounds. Cubicolor takes the first place of CD1 with their remix on “X Machina” by Howling and although it’s not an intro edit, it surely fits the first position by a long shot! Followed by “Circles” from previously mentioned Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fanizza – very melodic track with deepish vocals, something to set the mood to the exact point of diving into the music. One of the legends of progressive trance scene takes over the first disc with his new tune “Great Divide” and you would recognize the artist from just hearing the track, great electric melody right there mr. Jaytech! After that, one of my personal favorite projects get it’s time on disc one and it’s the very recognizable Vintage & Morelli. This duo comes out with perfect releases every time, taking the best there is from progressive trance and giving it their perfect touch with deep beats, melodic bits and hypnotizing vocals.

Going into the second part of CD 1, we stumble upon slower tempo from a rising star of Anjunadeep label – Yotto. With two of his tracks on this compilation, Yotto is definitely going large in the scene right now and his remix on “Counting Down The Days” by Above & Beyond proves that he earned the gained attention. Giving the deep housy edge, but keeping it in line with driving bassline and electryfying sounds hits the spot and for those of you who like their tracks simple, not complicated and electric? Nothing better than the beats and drive of “Wannamaker” by Spencer Brown. The last 6 tracks of CD 1 are absolutely stunning and I think I should let you judge them yourselves. Jason Ross, Andrew Bayer, Sunny Lax, Kyau & Albert, Boom Jinx – enough said!  Let me just add that all of them deserve at least 8/10 rating and I’m a critic, I never go 10/10, hahaha.

For those of you who haven’t heard – OceanLab is back and yes, you will shred tears from the vocals of Justine Suissa once again. “Another Chance” starts the second disc in a special kind of “album mix” and it’s purely gold emotions all the way through the track, amazing!
Remember when Norin & Rad were topping the charts with their original productions? Well guess what, one part of the project Nick Sember will probably keep on doing that, at least regarding his newest production – “Mezzo Forte” – a very driving piece for the first half of the night.
As we dig deeper into the second disc we come across something so mesmerising that your heart will stop beating for a second and I’m talking about the absolutely breathtaking remix Above & Beyond did on a classic “Salva Mea” from no one else but legendary Faithless.

What really took my attention was the newest piece from Ilan Bluestone, not only because it’s a vocal piece but because god dammit that track has some very catchy parts! Giuseppe De Luca featured on the vocals and I have to say they fit beautifuly into the “Bluestone sound”. Ilan was getting a bit generic in his style lately, but this piece tears apart all my doubts and brings him back into the top of my mental charts, probably the 2nd best track of the compilation.
Oliver Smith is going strong once again and he made it to Anjunabeats 12 with not one track but two! “Mirage” featured on the second disc the definition of a banger. It’s amazing how the track seems to be just building up all the way through each part and thanks to that it packs an incredible energy.

However the BEST TRACK award of the whole compilation goes to someone else and yes, it’s Above & Beyond. Their newest production called “A.I.” is something so original I can barely believe it. I think I haven’t heard a stronger drop in a track for couple of years now and this piece is definitely something that you will blow you speakers with. Absolutely ripping bassline that just tears apart your whole body both physically and mentally. The deepness of the beat goes probably all the way into the center of the earth and all that mixed with incredible emotional breakdown with energetic synths – WOW!

Same like with CD1 – the rest of the second disc is stunning. Andrew Bayer gifts the tracklist with two his own productions – “Celestial” and “Nobody Told Me” – what to say about these two, I think that the sentence: “It’s typical Andrew Bayer, what more do you want?” will do it justice!
Ilan Bluestone teams up with the legendary Maor Levi, bringing a new vocal collaboration into the tracklist and when the sounds of Bluestone & Levi join, we know from the past that absolutely mesmerising things happen!
To close it all up, Jason Ross strikes for one more time and brings his own remix of the ultimate classic “Alone Tonight” by Above & Beyond. I personally am very thankfull to Jason for having the heart in the right place with this production, leaving the stunning vocal in place, giving the full emotions of the original into his remix and just giving the best he could give into this remix. The progressivnes of this remix is gold and it packs all the right things a remix like this should have. It’s absolutely amazing.

The whole compilation? Best of the year!




Trance Producer/DJ and Chief Reviewer for Trance Hub.

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