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Anjunabeats 11

Anjunabeats 11

Anjunabeats – probably one of the most discussed labels in the scene lately. Why discussed? Well mainly thanks to the direction they are heading. What once was a very trancy, even uplifting headed label in some parts, found beauty, originality, progressiveness but mostly, trance feeling at it’s best in music, which wouldn’t be called “true trance’, by anyone who is a WAO 138 fan.

I myself dare to say that there is more trance feeling in anything this label releases than in all the 138+ and uplifting stuff that is out there in 2014, but hey, that is just my (and a lot of other people) opinion.

Anjuna“ if we can simply call it like this (most of their fans do) came with another edition of their legendary “Anjunabeats Volume…”, this time we are taken on 11th journey already and I feel that it is needless to say that those two ones are no coincidence for this edition, because this edition really deserves not one first place, but two! Either way, let’s get to the music already!

Every journey should began with a mood-setter, right? Well, what can set you up in a listening mood better than some Anjunadeep stuff? Start of CD 1 grabs you and gently lays you into the depths of deep house beauties and the only thing you can or you care to do is to lay down and drown in the awesomeness of those tracks. You like vocals in deep house? It’s there, you like 16 Bit Lollitas, they are there to give you some new organ! You love older stuff of A&B? All there, just a click away from creating a happy smile on your face, amazing start!

It is absolutely mesmerising what can be done by using piano strings and the legendary Parker & Hanson add such an elegant piece to this compilation by using mainly them. You will close your eyes instantly when you hear it and I surely would not be suprised if you would drop a tear or two, because you will break under the gravity of feelings in their tune on CD 1. Or are you of those types, that like to have their music dark and mysterious? No problem, this compilation also offers you great tracks in those strange yet hypnotic rhytms.

How to describe the last part of CD 1? I wonder if simple „mmmmmmmmmmmm“ will do? I believe this favorite phrase of Tony McGuiness will sufficie. We get carried out of the dark beats and melodies into the „happier“ kind of music, progressiveness flows, synths are heard, smiles on faces noticible, let the sun shine and let the music be loud, many happy feelings from the last part aaaand + there is something a bit classical about the last track. I’m sure many of you remember the legendary movie „Trainspotting“ right? I mean, the soundtrack of that movie is banging and hearing „Underworld – Dark & Long [Dark Train]“ has to bring back some nice memories right? Well you can hear a pretty new remix of it in the ending of disc one, you should definitely check it out!

Disc 2 starts off in a more powerfull way than CD 1 of course and yet once more in a classical way, bringing the newest remix of „Anjunabeach“ as the second track. Personal opinion? Haven’t heard anything better in some time! Such classic made into such progressive style? My eyes closed on the breakdown, I became an expert on air-piano instantly and my eyes opened wide on the drop and my body? Well, my body was like „c’mon, stand up and jump three meters up in the air!“ AMAZING!

Tracks 3-8 of CD 2 simply represent what is new and what is hot on this label nowadays, satisfied? I was a bit sceptic at this point, I didn’t like the idea that there are so many tracks we’ve got chance to hear a lot of times before this compilation was released, for me, there should be some more unheard or undiscussed stuff on it from tracks 3-8, however that does not change the fact that those tracks are really good, party making, dancefloor destroying killers! Good, good and once again, very good!

BUT! What takes us all on something even more special? The stuff that comes after tracks 3-8 on disc 2! Serious basslines, great melodies, emotional breakdowns, known vocals, etc.just choose what you like, it’s all there! However what is the ultimate, reaping massacre? Track no. 13 – „Above & Beyond vs. Andrew Bayer – Far From Needing Your Love „. My friends, colleagues, whoever is reading this, that stuff will make you tear your walls down and party with your neighbors even if they are 100 years old (together or each). No more words, hear it!

To end it all, Andrew Bayer once more shows, that he is probably the best producer that UK can offer, maybe the whole western Europe. However I’m not talking only in the style of music he is making at the moment, I mean that this man could probably do any kind of electronic music and it would probably be completely gold, so is his track „District“!

So favorites? Hahaaa, mine are:

CD 1 – 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 13

CD 2 – 2, 3, 8, 9, 11, 13, 16




CD 1
1. Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fanizza “You Would”
2. Betoko vs. Gemma Hayes “Wicked Game”
3. 16 Bit Lolitas “Beat Organ”
4. Above & Beyond “Good For Me” [Matt Lange Remix] 5. Parker & Hanson “Gravity”
6. Emma Louise “Boy” [Spada Remix] 7. Matt Lange “Staccato”
8. DJ Yellow, Flowers & Sea Creatures “No One Gets Left Behind” [Konstantin Sibold Remix] 9. Cid Inc. “Rediscovered”
10. Twice As Nice “Overture” [Guy J Remix] 11. Boom Jinx & Meredith Call “The Dark”
12. Soundprank “Gemini”
13. Underworld “Dark & Long [Dark Train]” [Jerome Isma-Ae & Maor Levi Remix]

CD 2
1. ilan Bluestone & Jerome Isma-Ae “Tension”
2. Above & Beyond “Anjunabeach” [Genix vs. Las Salinas Remix] 3. London Grammar “Hey Now” [Arty Remix] 4. Above & Beyond feat. Alex Vargas “Sticky Fingers”
5. Super8 & Tab vs. Jaytech “Code Red”
6. Mat Zo feat. Chuck D “Pyramid Scheme” [Club Mix] 7. Audien “Hindsight”
8. Sunny Lax “Karma”
9. Genix “Run”
10. Oliver Smith “Evermore”
11. Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford “On My Way To Mariana Heaven”
12. ilan Bluestone “Spheres”
13. Above & Beyond vs. Andrew Bayer “Far From Needing Your Love”
14. Above & Beyond “Hello”
15. Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab “Satellite” [ilan Bluestone Remix] 16. Andrew Bayer “The District”


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