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Willem de Roo – Inception

Willem de Roo - Inception

Willem de Roo just continues to impress – his recent run of delectable delights include “Moon Child”, “Rush” and next up is “Inception” – already an Armin van Buuren favourite.

Proving himself as an awesomely talented producer once again, “Inception” sees a peak-time monster emerge with ferociously deep bass, sinister synths and divine chords to create a production of epic proportions – one that’s verified by Armin van Buuren with spins at his 2014 Ibiza residency at Ushuaia, and on ASOT Radio.

Bearing all the trademarks of Willem’s increasingly popular creations with progressive touches alongside powerful, driving elements, “Inception” ties in classic euphoric trance with attitude, in a perfect blend & display of production know-how.


Trancer by passion. Designer by profession.

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