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NX-Trance – Solid Air EP

NX-Trance - Solid Air EP

Another Defcon regular, Russian producer NX-Trance, is back with an epic new 6-track EP!

Well known by now for his signature style of driving, energetic trance, NX-Trance delivers several slices of top notch peak-time power that are made for the late night dancefloors. Spacey, techy, banging, and old school – all flavours are accounted for! Rounding things off there is also an experimental, ambient effort for those more chilled moments.

All in all we hope there is something in this EP for everyone!

Release Date: June 15, 2015

Tracklist (DEF133):
Embrace You (Original Mix)
Solid Air (Original Mix)
XeVoice (Original Mix)
Sunlit (Original Mix)
UpFlight (Original Mix)
Last Report (Original Mix)


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