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Max Graham – The Remixes Part 3

Max Graham - The Remixes Part 3

Max Graham is one of the chosen few producers whose career can survive through the years, and whose sound is constantly in demand. He’s covered more than a few genre variations in his time, but he’s always kept true to his own sonic signature.

Now, in 2014, he’s releasing Part 3 of ‘Max Graham – The Remixes’, with new edits and new reworks from ReOrder and Rafaël Frost.

Together with Corti Organ and Gai Barone, Max brought “F.Y.C.” and “Dying To Survive” into 2014.

The result is a fine selection of updated classic jams, all done in trademark Graham style.


1 – Max Graham vs. Maarten de Jong – Lekker (ReOrder Remix)
2 – Max Graham vs. Corti Organ – FYC 2014 (Original Mix)
3 – Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy – So Caught Up (Rafael Frost Remix)
4 – Max Grahahm vs. Gai Barone – Dying To Survive (2014 Re-Work)


Trancer by passion. Designer by profession.

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