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Farhad Mahdavi – Blue Rose

Blue Rose

Farhad Mahdavi is back to Abora with this new release, Blue Rose. After his magnificent ‘A Thousand Pieces’ together with Tiff Lacey, Farhad delivers a truly inspiring release.

Blue Rose is a journey through uplifting trance music, starting with a powerful pumping bass line; the original mix is what you need to get the dance floor going until dawn. As always, Farhad knows how to manipulate sounds and instruments to give us amazing emotions. The orchestral breakdown is exactly what you need to feel uplifted, at home with headphones or in a club, and the climax of this track is the best way to feel all the power of emotions in trance.

Farhad spices things up this time with an Orchestral Mix of Blue Rose, which is full of emotions, melodies, and perfect harmonies.

Again, Farhad Mahdavi is at the top of his game and proves it once again with ‘Blue Rose’. You don’t want to miss out on this one!

Available From Stores
Worldwide – 26th Dec 2014


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