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Exense – Infinitive

Exense - Infinitive

If the name of the act behind VANDIT’s first September hole-in-one rings a few bells of recognition, there’s good reason for it. It was Exense’s spirited trancification of “Rock This” – Paul van Dyk’s pedal-to-the-metal genre thrash-up – that evolved onto last year’s ‘(R)evolution’ album.

Exense is as an enigmatic studio pseudonym as they come. Masked behind a screen of info-blackout, the music does any/all of the ‘talking’ necessary. One thing’s for certain though: in Exense’s debut for PvD’s esteemed imprint, he/she/they have spared no amount of blood, sweat or tears in meticulously crafting the ear dazzling “Infinitive”.

Down in its engine room, the track is a brilliantly assembled gathering of steamrolling beats, distortedly provocative sub-riffs, tenaciously effective percussion and super-bass brio!

Up on the flight deck “Infinitive” delivers its caught-on-the-air synth riffs, paying them off against bleepily atmospheric FX and ultimately – for that final floor capturing moment – an angle grinder of an electro line!

Clandestine and publicity adverse Exense might be, but “Infinitive” speaks for itself… So let no dance hall go untreated!! It’s out from today.


Trancer by passion. Designer by profession.

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