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Bastian Salbart – Kill Me For The Thrill

Polish future rockstar – Bastian Salbart shows us that he is capable of doing clever and creative things in his studio. How often do you happen to hear a male and female vocal in a progressive trance single? Exactly, not so often, so here’s your chance to enjoy this rare occasion.

The track itself is conducted by a rough bass accompanied by other groovy bits, which perfectly balances the moody side of the production. On the other hand the vocals seem to recognize other sounds’ authority and are at their beck and call when it’s time to retreat.

With “Kill Me For The Thrill” released on High Contrast Recordings, Bastian Salbart shows us his consistency. He clearly knows where he is going and what he wants to attain. Bastian is like a good wine – the older the better, so soon he will mature to be one of the top ones out there.


Trancer by passion. Designer by profession.

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