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US get ready for 5AM MGMT & Event Promotion Fueled By The United States Trance Movement

Launched in the beginning of January of 2014 by passionate lovers of electronic dance music with over seventeen years involved in the scene, it is only forward thinking from here on out. It’s time to make that vision come to light. 5AM MGMT without a doubt is ready to take the scene back to where it all began. Back to the way it used to be. Back to the underground.

Look out for their roster of promising international and local talents and for their first events coming in March & April of 2014.

There comes a time when you say to yourself enough is enough. What happened to that old vibe at events we grew up to, where people went for the music & a DJ, and not for the sake of partying or being seen somewhere. That feeling of anticipation for that event weeks away, that you wish it was tomorrow because you know it’s going to be that good. Now it’s just let’s bring in only the big names just to sell out, but what about the fans and the vibe? What happened to quality over quantity? What happened to the underground?

5AM is an Electronic Dance Music artist management & event promotion company based in New York City, representing a roster of local and international artists.

Artist management services are the following (but not limited to):
– Artist Management
– Artist Development
– Public Relations
– International and Local Bookings
– Brand Building
– Marketing
– A&R


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