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Gouryella - Anahera

How Anahera became the biggest track of 2015

Ferry Corsten can easily be touted as one of the most formidable dance music producers of our time. Only few artists can boast of over 800 remixes, 4 full length albums, 20 compilations and over 35 singles. His career spans over 20 years with multiple Aliases like Moonman, A jolly good fellow, System F, Ferr. Here we are talking a track that has been a landmark in the modern trance music history Gouryella – Anahera.

Gouryella – Dutch trance project, originally by Ferry Corsten and Tijs Verwest a.k.a DJ Tiësto. After the release of the third Gouryella track “Tenshi”, Tiësto left the project. However Ferry Corsten decided to revive the project when Trance is not as big as it used to be. Although 2015 has been fantastic for the genre. When we asked Ferry if he thinks ‘Anahera’ played a role in reviving the genre he says “I had a feeling it would definitely raise some eyebrows but I was also a little unsure as todays sound is so different. Trance has always been around but with the whole EDM hype it got pushed back a little. 2015 and 2016 will absolutely see trance coming back with a vengeance.

Fair enough Ferry, what prompted Ferry to bring back the project, where he says “I have been sitting with the idea to bring back Gouryella for the last 5 years or so. The thing with Gouryella is that, after it’s last release, it turned into some sort of ‘holy grail’ of trance music. People wanted a new Gouryella so bad, that expectations were through the roof and I could not just release the next random trance track as Gouryella. It was too delicate. Therefore it had to be amazing and no less than that. I had been looking for that particular Gouryella melody and vibe but I wasn’t convinced. Until I produced Anahera”.

Countless plays on Ferry’s own radio show – Corsten’s Countdown,  A State of Trance, Global DJ Broadcast and many more radio shows propelled the success of the track. To top that Anahera became a an integral part for all the trance DJs sets around the world. Armin Van Buuren leading the pack here, almost all of his ASOT festival sets features Anahera. The track hit beatport trance chart and stayed in the top 10 for weeks. The track also reached the much hyped Beatport top 10 tracks across genres. So when we asked Ferry what about the sales? He had a diplomatic answer “I honestly have no information on this yet. I’m actually very curious too ;-)” Wonder if people from Beatport can help us here?

We all agree that the track is fantastic, the beautiful breakdown, the riffs, perfect hands in the air and surrender yourself to the music all around feeling. So what was the inspiration behind Anahera? Ferry says “The inspiration for Anahera comes from a little known System F track called The Sonnet. The melody of Anahera was actually the build up to the main melody in The Sonnet, the pre-chorus if you will. I had always felt that this build up melody didn’t get the attention it deserved and it should get it’s own place in the spot light. So when i ‘borrowed’ this melody from The Sonnet, I had my main ingredient for the next Gouryella single. I also wanted to bring a new Gouryella single that was true to it’s original sound. That big epic trance sound, but produced with today’s technology.”

Ferry Corsten thanks all his supporters on the success of Anahera and adds “It’s amazing to see such an overwhelming response and its a great indicator of what the trance scene wants.

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