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Pharmacy Phase 4

Christopher Lawrence delivers Pharmacy: Phase 4

Christopher Lawrence returns to the decks for Pharmacy: Phase 4 which showcases some of the biggest and best tunes from Pharmacy Music, expertly compiled and mixed by the label boss and founder himself.

Christopher Lawrence is at the forefront of a movement to put quality music back on the dance floor. An IDMA’s Best American DJ winner, he has been described by DJ Mag as “One of America’s most influential DJs”. A dance music legend with a career spanning twenty years, his tough live sets, innovative productions, and unwavering commitment to the underground have earned him the respect of industry and fans alike.

Pharmacy Music is a label for serious music fans. It has exploded over the past year with consistent chart topping releases and a roster of cutting edge producers who are always pushing the boundaries. Pharmacy Music represents the new sound of trance, a sophisticated hybrid of underground, tech and psy trance, which is not only redefining the genre, but giving it new credibility.

Pharmacy: Phase 4 kicks off with Lisa Lashes deep and pulsating Dia del Presidente and Frost Raven‘s emotive dark techno influenced The Beast. Next up are two from Kessler, the tough and serious Mission Control and Planetarium which is a hypnotic collaboration with Skydance. You can’t beat the jaw droppingly beautiful breakdown of Dub Tek‘s Psyched Up before the mix kicks into high gear with Casey Rasch‘s gritty rework of John 00 Fleming and Christopher Lawrence’s Predator.

Half way into the mix is Astro-D & Chris Oblivion‘s Step Beyond – a masterpiece that captures the signature sound label boss Christopher Lawrence loves to play in his sets. Deep and dark, you’re on a journey, which continues with Liam Wilson‘s unforgettable melody line in Tangled and Champa‘s edgy rework of Fergie & Sadrian‘s Soplo. You’re not afraid of the dark are you? Christopher Lawrence’s banging peak time monster The Dark is one half psy trance, one half tech trance and one hundred percent main room devastation. Splattered Implant teams up with Nicholson for Outta Control that is, to put it plainly, totally outta control. Whatever You Dream is a signature Christopher Lawrence track with full force underground energy.

The emotion rises with Seven Ways and Planet Disconnect‘s beautiful The Samurai, before Christopher Lawrence’s new single Terminus drives the mix to maximum. Digital Basement‘s Cosmic Traveller ends the mix on a perfect note with the pure underground trance bliss you feel on the dancefloor when everyone raises their hands in unison in response to the pure emotion of the music.

Pharmacy: Phase 4 is an epic adventure through the vast soundscape which is Pharmacy Music.

Pharmacy: Phase 4 is out exclusively on Beatport:

01. Lisa Lashes – Dia del Presidente
02. Frost Raven – The Beast
03. Kessler – Mission Confidential
04. Kessler & Skydance – Planetarium
05. Dub Tek – Psyched Up
06. John 00 Fleming & Christopher Lawrence – Predator (Casey Rasch Remix)
07. Chris Oblivion & Astro-D – Step Beyond (Chris Oblivion Remix)
08. Liam Wilson – Tangled
09. Fergie & Sadrian – Soplo (Champa Remix)
10. Christopher Lawrence – The Dark
11. Splattered Implant & Nicholson – Outta Control
12. Christopher Lawrence – Whatever You Dream
13. Seven Ways & Planet Disconnect – The Samurai
14. Christopher Lawrence – Terminus
15. Digital Basement – Cosmic Traveller
16. Christopher Lawrence – Pharmacy: Phase 4 (Continuous Mix)

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