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3/4 Phase of Beats For Love

Some call it the lineup of the year, at least when it comes to multi-style festivals, we call it incredible! The lineup is not finished yet and there are absolutely stunning names in the lineup.

Our team is definitely not only based on listening to trance, so we are pretty excited about the gathering of such names on one place in Central Europe, are you too? You should be!

Including the newly added names, there are stars like Angerfist, who is one of the few hardcore artists that make it to TOP 100 DJS in DJ Mag. Gridlok, who is a true name and a legend in the Dn’B scene or the magnificient house master  – Mark Knight.


gridlok mark-knight

Amongst other great names for the whole festival, we surely have to mention Arno Cost from France, who will definitely make a lot of electro house fans happy. But we as a trance comunnity have a reason to be very happy aswell, festival announced that the headliner of trance stage for this year is no one else but the living legend of tech-trance MARK SHERRY. To take it even higher, a special B2B set of RONSKI SPEED and MARC VAN GALE was announced shortly after that.

ec66ccca_Mark-Sherry_002  12916366_1050425051680724_5462253344117187625_o

Regarding the techno scene, which is growing stronger every year in Central Europe, there are some good news aswell! One of the best techno producers and DJs of the whole world, spanish Cristian Varela is coming to B4L aswell. And to top the techno stage for this year, Axel Karakis, the most known Greek techno artist will arrive aswell!

Promoters of the festival promise to add even more perfect names to the lineup who will surely bring more fans to this young festival. Actuall price of the tickets is 300 CZK (around 10 EUR) for ALL 3 DAYS OF FESTIVAL. Cheap price, perfect date, summer weather and stunning atmosphere, what more to say? We’ll leave the whole lineup right here, for you to glaze at :-)


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SIGMA (UK), ANGERFIST (NED), Arno Cost (FRA), Audio (UK), Axel Karakasis (GRE), Cristian Varela (ESP), DJ Angelo (UK), Eskei83 (GER), Felix Kröcher (GER), Freeze (GER), Gridlok (USA), Cherry aka BreakNtune (POL), Iphaze (FRA), Klara., Kokiri (UK), Majk Spirit (SVK), Mark Knight (UK), Mark Sherry (SCO), Mike Candys (SUI), Open Tribe (AUS), Prok & Fitch (UK), Rushing Beats (UK), Stanton Warriors (UK), Tanukichi (JAP), Vandal (UK)

Adam Faz (POL), Bon Finix & Tripmain, DJ Tráva, D.M.O (SVK), Flame (SVK), Forbidden Society, Funk Moguls, Gubo (SVK), Havaya (POL), Hungry Beats, Chris Sadler, K.Sandra, Lautek, Malalata (SVK), Martin Gredner, Michael C, Mini da Minx (UK), Nozyo (POL), Pixie, Prago Union & Champion sound, Ravic, Retrograde (POL), Rido, RSS Boys (POL), Underground children, WWW Neurobeat


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