Dennis Sheperd feat. Katty Heath – Where I Begin

A hold on my heart, I hold on for you,
But I’m not sure what I ought to do…

I have fallen, given in but I fear I’ll never win,
Do you think of me? You’re where I want to be…

Like the ocean to the shore, always rolling back for more,
I can’t turn away, you’re where I want to stay…

Why won’t you look through my eyes? (Through my eyes)
Why won’t you feel my heart climbing? (My heart is climbing)

So won’t you save me? ‘Cause I have fallen, given in,
You are, you are where I begin,
I wait for your calling, ‘Cause it’s so hard to let it go,
You are, you are where I begin…

Nikhil Arora Hardcore Trancer Added on September 7, 2015 in Trance.
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