Ben Gold ft. Eric Lumiere – Hide Your Heart

I’ve been dying to know who you really are
You’ve been playing a role to cover up your scars
I don’t care if there’s tragedy or make believe, why you’re running from the dark
But I can’t be with you if you hide your heart

Verse 1
It’s been a while since you and I got together
And i knew when we met we could last forever
I’ve opened up so you can see
But you remain a mystery
Don’t you know it’s who you are I treasure?


Verse 2
I’m waiting for your heart to catch this fire
That’s strong enough to melt your closed down doors
Opening the gates of love, Cause that’s how we go higher up
A place where I know everything gets better


Nikhil Arora Hardcore Trancer Added on May 20, 2015 in No Category.
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