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Trancefusion Man – Zdeněk Masopust

We exclusively interviewed the man who stands behind the massive event Trancefusion, we interviewed the man that made the trance fuse and who already hosted more than 150 DJs on his huge events, we interviewed the Trancefusion Man!

What style of trance does he love the most? Why is the next Trancefusion Spring event the last? How was the idea of Trancefusion born? How did it all begin? What will be the future? Take a read here in our exclusive interview!

So the fenomenon Trancefusion is coming to it’s end, we saw the press release but we will ask anyway – are you planning to create a trance event which is going to be similiar to Trancefusion by size? Let’s say a hall event of such size? Why?

We definitely made ourselves clear in the press release, that we are NOT leaving the dance scene for good and we definitely won’t be moving away from the trance scene too. We have a lot of plans for the future, but I’m not yet ready to speak about that. What i will say though, is the fact that we won’t be announcing any new concept right after the end of Trancefusion which would be similiar. The decision was not easy, it took it’s look time and now, after a few days we are convinced that it was a good decision. It’s simply the right time to move on and as I said many times – You should quit at the top, and we believe we reached that.

We would like to know, what does “trance” means to you? What style of trance or music do you imagine under this exact word?

It’s a heart thing for me, I love trance and in the ranks of EDM styles it’s definitely on the first spot for me. I personally love vocal trance, but I don’t mind hearing any 138+ stuff, the mood depends. I also like different styles of electronic music like techno, house, progressive, but what is completely not my cup of the is the kind of „EDM“ music that is being played around the world today on huge mainstream festivals, it’s like getting in head with a hammer, i really don’t even know how to call it, but I do suffer while listening to the “actual sound” (laughs).

How and when did you decide that you will create a night for the fans of classic trance – TF Old School (Legends) and was it a good decision? How did DJs react when you send them this kind of an offer?

It was completely a spontanious decision after the perforamnce of Kai Tracid on Trancefusion Autumn in 2012. I stood in the hall and I didn’t believe my eyes nor my ears, it was electrifing and the atmosphere which was on the first Old School event in SaSaZu Prague in february 2013 showed me that it was completely great decision, that night was unbelieveable! I remember that even my friends who don’t like trance much were going crazy and they danced through the whole night. This specific night was a big satisfaction for me and I think about it a lot. But I also believe that even this year old school event in October – TF Legends will be even more monumental, because something like this has never been held here before, I’m really looking forward a lot!

Considering the events in other music styles, do you have them planned too?

We do plan a lot under our company BTL Agency for the next year and they will really be across all the styles. We’re not planning only dance events, we will surely add some nice concerts and we do have an event planned that is like no other. I think it’s the right way how to survive on today’s market. We ourselves got to know, that we can’t rely only on one style.

You are no newcomer to the world of trance and we would like to know who is your favorite artist?

I do have a lot of favorite DJs. Ussually I’m bonded with them by something personal, beacuse I really met them a lot for the time of Trancefusion. We counted that there has been 150 different names on our events so far. I’ve met each of them personally and I got to know them from the „other side.“ That is why my most favorite DJs are those who behave normally even in their personal life. I don’t like those who think too much about themselves! Luckily there aren’t many of those in the world of trance. In most cases the guys are really pretty much cool. If I should name some names who I really like than it’s Richard Durand, Fadi from Aly and Fila, Sean Tyas, John O’Callaghan, Paul van Dyk and really many, many more!

Is there any “booking” you still dream of? What is your dream lineup – or is it the one for “Time To Say Goodbye”?

Lineup for “Time To Say Goodbye” will definitely be a climax of my work and I believe that will never be able to get together something so unbelieveable! By the concept and lineups of all the stages the event will be something what will hopefully make it’s rightfull place in the archives of trance scene with golden font. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m really proud about this lineup and the only thing that bothers me, is the fact that I can’t share it with anyone just yet. Even know I’m nervous what will the reactions be, but it will definitely be legendary, I’m sure of that and I’m saying it completely sane. Now just wait for the half of October, when the releasing of lineup begins. I think this lineup was my dream lineup, but I never thought that this will be the last edition. In the light of this puny thing, it reaches a completely new level.

Trance was really going strong in the central and eastern Europe a couple of years back, but recently it’s going downhill, while the scene in Czech Republic is strill strong, what do you think that is different in Czech Republic from other countries?

I don’t think that it’s a specific thing in Czech Republic and that the scene here is blooming. It’s simple – Czech Republic is considered in the whole world to be as one of the capital cities of trance! It’s really so, there are so many events here in one year, that it almost reaches crazyness, but we all know very well that mostly the huge events depend on thousands of trance fans that come from all over the world. Trancefusion and I think that even Transmission gets visited by foreigners in about 40-50% from all the event visitors. If it weren’t for them, not huge event would even take place here.

Like we said, there seems to be strong scene in Czech Republic. What do you think about czech DJs and products?

There is a lot of talents here and that is good. We always tried to support the local scene by smaller stages on our events, where the CZ and SK DJs got their chances. I remember that in 2013 there was Nifra, ReOrder, Thomas Coastline and Driftmoon on one of those small foyer stages, well and look at them now! It’s amazing to see the evolution happen and I’m really glad to see them rise up. On the other hand I’m completely clear on the fact how hard it must be for anyone. Clubs are not interested in trance DJs today and young producers simply don’t get the chance they need to go further.

How and with who you decide what DJs to invite to the next event and how do you complete the time-table afterwards?

Of course I’m having advice meetings with some other people, but the final making of the lineup is always just by me. It’s a real adrenalin, I like the negotiating and all other things about a booking, sometimes it’s stressfull but still interesting. I always do rely on my feelings, but I’m also trying to not go into my personal tastes. We also always také in mind the wishes of our fans. Then we have the final lineup a we can’t do nothing else but to wait for the reactions and hope that people will like it. But you know how it goes, hundred people, hundred tastes, we can’t always make everyone happy.

Where and when was the idea of Trancefusion born?

We were three founders of Decadance party (myself, David H. and Radek K.) and all three us of were big fans of trance back in the day. After some time we even started to promote Decadance as trance party and we started to bring bigger names from abroad. On one of our home-like afterparty I came with the idea that there is no point in doing club events, where I really put a lot of time in it and investions aswell and the result was not ever really worth it. Yeah, dozens and hundreds of people who were saying that we are really good was quite a good feeling, but it was the time to move on. There was the moment that Trancefusion was born. It was autumn 2010 and we released it by december of that year. It was unbelieveable adrenalin and we lived through it a lot. Competition was laughing at us, that we are amateurs, the booking negotiations were good aswell (we booked ATB, Dash Berlin, Cosmic Gate and more for the first TF) – it was all really like from another world. Look at me, I’m being sentimental here. Then it became a huge machine, we became known in the world after some times and we started to realize we made something happen. But even this was pretty much binding. I think that we set the level up pretty much high even after the first TF and all of sudden we thought that we must keep it or take it even further on every next event. It was really exhausting sometimes and crushing too, but I do remember with it love, really. It were 4 years on a rollacoaster and in those 4 years I’ve had so many rise and falls, that it sometimes feels like 20 year, but I have no regrets.

Who was the best to work with, from the DJs?

Definitely Richard Durand. Who knows him personally can definitely agree.

The official anthem of last Trancefusion is being created by Thomas Coastline, Driftmoon and Susana – why them?

It was mine spontanious idea. I wanted Thomas right away (he’s connected to TF from the very beginning and he is part of the team), Susana was also very clear to me right away and bringing Driftmoon into this was Thomas’s idea and I’m glad about it. We made a great deal with Abora Recordings thanks to him, he knows Susana personally, so everything went really fast and easy.

We heard that the last lineup is suppose to be really legendary. What are we suppose to make of that? What fans will be really enjoying the night? Progressive Trance, uplifting? Pure? What style will be the leading on in this last lineup?

This lineup will be legendary, I don’t doubt it even for a second, it’s not even bragging, but just wait a while and you’ll see and then judge. I think that all the trance fans will go crazy from this lineup. It will be really packed 14 hours of trance madness with 13 sets and that’s just the main stage! There will also be a huge second stage aswell and also CZ/SK stage aswell. Like I said, every trance lover will find his favorite names in this lineup, it will really be up to everyone to choose his own. Like I said, I can’t wait for the moment when it’s all released. I do plan to enjoy this TF – dance, chat with friends and DJs, partners and not just run from one point to another in a huge stress. I really do wish for it very much – so it can be the first Trancefusion on which I’ll have a great fun, I’ll dance and the one I’ll never forget. I hope it will work out!


Trance Producer/DJ and Chief Reviewer for Trance Hub.

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