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We will hopefully create 20 years of Friday clubbing in one night – Tall Paul

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The Gallery celebrates its landmark twentieth birthday with a flagship anniversary party at Ministry of Sound on Friday 10th April and 3 other parties on The Road To The Gallery’s 20th.

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The Gallery has been promoting dance music like no other. Some interesting trivia about The Gallery

Did You Know? Gallery 20 Years Trivia!

  1. The Gallery has played over 480,000 records throughout its twenty-year reign.
  2. Over 1.5 million clubbers have passed through The Gallery’s hallowed doors.
  3. The Gallery has hosted DJs from over 50 countries around the world.
  4. Bizarre items handed into The Gallery’s lost property include a prosthetic leg, prescription spectacles and a tin of Heinz Baked Beans.
  5. Following a motorbike accident, DJ Steve Lee once played sitting down, with his leg in plaster resting on a cardboard box.

We have with us Tall Paul, one of the founders of The Gallery club night, which is easily one of the biggest flagship clubbing brands in the world

Hi Paul, it’s an honour to have you on Trance Hub, so what can we expect from The Gallery’s 20th anniversary?

Well thank you. On our birthday we will hopefully create 20 years of Friday clubbing in one night. We have the DJs, the Venue and we always have the crowd.

Lets take you back in time, do you remember the first gig at the gallery, the Turnmill days? any special memories?

I do actually, the first night we incorporated my Birthday just in case we struggled with numbers. Paul Oakenfold was our guest that night and he always supported us throughout our journey.

Trance has always been strong at The Gallery since its inception; do you think the genre is well past its prime or otherwise?

I’ve seen many different forms of “trance”  The thing with a sound/genre is when it appears to have run its course it moves forward with new producers and techniques, and a new form is created.  As long as that keeps happening it can keep growing.

You have a fairly strong run as a producer with plenty of EPs and albums, do you wish to get back to the studio and back to production?

Funny you mention that, I’ve been in the studio since January and have 3 finished productions which will be getting a special play at the Gallery birthday.  I Enjoy the creative process of making music , the ideas seem to be flowing again.

With festivals springing up everywhere around the world, how has clubbing change over the years according to you?

We are definitely in a special stage with dance being so big, it has created massive events, with staggering number of attendees. For me, I loved playing the real big events but always preferred a great club night.  It does seem like London could do with a few more specialist clubs, maybe in a few years we might see the like of Turnmills re-appearing.

I’m sure its difficult to pick the best gig but who have been your favourite artists at the Gallery over the years?

It is a tricky question , the first night I seem to remember better that most for some reason. Our birthdays were always a special one, reaching our tenth anniversary at Turnmills , I remember joking with my brother “imagine we are still doing this in 10 years time’” and here we both are….

The Gallery has expanded to different parts of the world over the years, do you have any more expansion plans?

The Gallery brand seems to suit London best, we do smaller events around the country and some internationally. We have different branded events for particular artists and venues including SW4 in August, but the Gallery is a regular Friday in London, and that’s the way we like it..

Here’s wishing all the best to you at The Gallery and beyond!   

Many thanks from the Gallery crew…

The Gallery 20th Birthday at Ministry of Sound Friday 10th April

The Box:

W&W plus special guests

Ticket price:
From £16 in advance

10.30pm – Close

Ministry Of Sound

103 Gaunt Street,
London, SE1 6DP


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