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England’s freshest Trance events Trancecoda outfit is celebrating their first anniversary with a mind-blowing lineup and at a cost you can never imagine. We had a chance to talk to the team behind Trancecoda – Adam, James & Taj

First of all congratulations on Trancecoda’s first anniversary..tell us how the concept came into being and what does Trancecoda mean ?

Thankyou! We are very lucky to reach our first Birthday and things just keep getting better and better at the moment.

Between the team we have over 30 years of events knowledge, it’s something we’ve always  wanted to do but timing is always important and we saw a little gap just like we did with the Xstatic Summer Festival. Suddenly the Emporium was closing it’s doors, Godskitchen & Gatecrasher werent really doing much in Birmingham so we jumped straight in with both feet and haven’t looked back since!

 Even though UK has the best trance scene in the world at the moment, it is very competitive to have medium scale events did you plan to cut through competition

We listen, and we talk and then listen some more. Trancecoda has always had the personal touch just like Xstatic Summer Festival, Xstatic & Xstatic Ibiza has had in the past. We live and breath Trancecoda. We always strive to put on the best events we can but never lose touch of reality or what people want. We could never have jumped in and done the big scale event like we are for TC1 one year ago, we’ve had to build up to this point.

People and their opinions, what they want are at the forefront of our minds and will continue to be until we stop doing events. The moment you stop asking questions and listening to people is the moment you lose touch.

We know the team involves Adam, James and Taj what are your individual roles with Trancecoda?

Adam – One half of Trancecoda residents Dark Fusion, always flying the trance flag in office pushing for as many traditional trance artists on the line up, has been known to come up with a few crazy concepts in his time, you can probably thank him for your £5 tickets actually!

James – Trancecoda’s resident house DJ and I guess you’d class him as the ‘engine’, gets very excited about crazy idea’s too!

Taj – Shouts at  Adam & Jamas a lot for having crazy idea’s and also the brand ambassador & protector!

We all work together really hard to ensure Trancecoda is a great place!

You also have an amazing collaboration coming up with Godskitchen?

Who would have seen it coming? I don’t think many would have, there’s always been a history of events across the world working against each rather than with each other, this is a testament to both sides geniunely wanting to join together and put something really special on for fans.

 What is the secret behind those unbelievable ticket prices with such star-studded lineups?

If you cant give something back for your birthday then when can you? This was a special thanks for everyone that has supported us in our first year.

No one else in the UK would have done something like this and that’s why we’ve done it, we like to be different and we think people like us to be different too! It also helps that we are very open to crazy idea’s in the office!

Is there any dream booking still left to be done for Trancecoda?

Of course,  there’s plenty of fantastic DJ’s that we would like to see at Trancecoda. Let’s see what year 2 brings us!

Pre-event, event and post event which is the most difficult part of the event according to TranceCoda team?

All of the above! It’s always challenging as it’s a none stop workload but we thrive on it but it’s never difficult because we enjoy what we’re doing.

Do you think as event promoters, there is too much reliance on social meda for events to do well, what other tools do you use to create awareness about TranceCoda’s events?

Without doubt social media is number 1 location for people to find out about events, there’s plenty of other media available too it’s just a case of getting the balance right!

Warehouse parties, beach events, club events which are your preferred choices?

Festivals!!! That’s why we started Xstatic Summer Festival, no one wanted to do a underground dance music festival anymore, but there’s something special about it, months worth of hard work, constant planning then all the team come together and you see a green field turn into a massive musical playground and then the sadness and joy of taking it all back down again, there’s something magical about it all!

What’s next for Trancecoda?

More warehouse parties, more collaborations, more festivals. We are always looking for unique concepts and venues and have a couple of surprises up our sleeves so watch this space………

Any message to Trancecodians

Just a massive thankyou for supporting us from day one, we promise to bring you plenty more of what you want and we look forward to seeing you all at our sold out 1st Birthday event on November 8th!

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