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The album is due in summer this year – Sneijder

Just before his performance at Grotesque Indoor Festival, we had a chance to talk to a newly turned Dad and a producer in form – Andew Ligget aka Sneijder!

– Hi Andrew, its awesome to have you on Trance Hub. First of all congrats on your daughter. How has life changed with the new responsibility?

Hi, Thanks for having me on again. Thanks, life has changed massively tbh, This is my first child, so you can only prepare yourself the best you can, but thats still nowhere near enough to the reality of looking after a baby lol. It’s great though, very tiring but really rewarding at the same time, both myself and my wife are really happy at the moment and looking forward to the challenge ahead :)

– You have announced your new album, tell us how are the preparations coming for it?

Yes, the album is due in summer this year. Its something I have been thinking about for some time now. I know a lot of people are of the opinion that albums are a thing of the past and singles are the way forward these days. I have to disagree with that to a certain extent. Yes, with the current shelf life of music it makes more sense to just make two or three big tunes a year from a marketing point of view. From an artistic and creative point of view an album allows me to try lots of different styles that I love and opens doors to techniques and studio methods I would otherwise never have learned, this can only benefit my future production skills, we are still artists right?!. I also believe not everyone can make an album, I really have a lot of respect for people who have produced albums in the past, it has a lot to be said for it. So I’m looking forward to giving it my all :)

– Your recent tracks – Acid, The Next level have been astounding success, share us your inspirations for these two tracks?

‘Next Level’ was the follow-up to ‘Proper Order’ a collab between myself and Bryan Kearney. It was basically the two of us in the studio trying to dip into the older vibe of tech trance and make something fresh and unique. The reaction to both tracks have been amazing. ‘#Acid’ was produced as the follow-up to one of my first tech trance tracks ‘Facelift’, both influenced by the old ‘Nu-Nrg’ sound from many years ago .. Just a no-nonsense acid infused track with big rises and drops, I was delighted to see it reach number one of Beatport’s trance chart. Its sort of trademark sound for me now, so I’m glad people enjoy it, its more end of the night material lol

– You have been part of the Subculture team for a long while now, it is turning out to be a great label, what are the reasons for their success?

Subculture is really up there now with the best in the business for music and shows. I remember JOC starting the label and asking me for tracks back in 2010 I think, seems so long ago now lol .. from then its gone from strength to strength and respect to John & Rob for their vision on pushing the harder and of course the uplifting side of trance. to answer your question I think the key to the rapid growth is consistency, with music and with events, and quality over quantity, I’m really honoured to be part of the label, the future is looking great for Subculture.

– What’s next for Sneijder?

Baby number 2 ? lol .. Will wait to see how this first one goes, ask me again in 12 months lol .. Just lots more singles and of course the album. I will probably do less remixes this year, 2015 will be more a big album year, with the singles etc. So expect lots of more diverse stuff on the album and basically a journey of the different music I like and listen too.

– You are playing at Grotesque Indoor Festival, how are day time festivals different, what kind of set you prepare for them?

Festivals are great as every dj plays their own vibe, club nights and set times are usually more tailored to make the music and the night flow musically and progress more. Festivals anything goes really, it’s always great to have a few classics to play to get people in the mood or pick the place up, It will be a great day I’m sure :)

– Share us your top 3 tracks of the moment?

1. Sneijder – #Acid
2. Factor B – Stratos Galaxia
3. Mark Sherry – The Pillars Of Creation


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