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Soul Of India – Stalvart John


Soul Of India, a brand new podcast will be launched on 27th June, 2015. To start off proceedings, we have with us Stalvart John – he will be airing an exclusive mix on Tempo Radio – More Info

Q1: Hello Stalvart, How are you doing? it is our true pleasure to you have you on our Soul of India to represent India. Tell us, how has your musical journey been so far?
A : Hey, its pleasure to be interviwed by you guys. Journey so far has been epic. Actually this June 21st I will complete 4 years since I started working with music.

Q2: How would you like to describe the life given to you at the moment?
A : In a single word. Harmony.

Q3: Everybody is inspired & motivated by an artist, what or who inspires you in your musical journey?
A: Above & Beyond is the reason why I am here now. “On A Good Day” is the track that pushed me over the edge. I felt Trance was able to convey euphoria very well. As I explored more I discovered hundreds of other artist like Nicolas Jaar, Prins Thomas, Todd Terje, Kasper Bjørke, Max Cooper, Trentemoller. I’d give these guys the credit of how my music evolved.

Q4: What is the most challenging thing your facing in this career?

A: Close minded people and non risk taking promoters.

Q5: If you were given a time machine, where would you travel first & why.?

A: To future obviously. I would go to 2030 or 40, listen to all the music and come back. And will try to make it. That will be legendary don’t you think ?

Q6: And finally, the question everybody wants to know.! tell us about your future projects, what’s cooking in that hot pan.?? smells good. :D

A: Haha. That might be the smell of the chicken curry from the neighbors. Actually I am not working on anything at the moment. Just experimenting with my music and trying to learn more. Yes, I am planning on working on a new album with couple of my friends.

Thank you for taking a few min’s of your precious time to answer our questions, this journey we are starting together will be wonderful and filled with the most magical moments in our lives. So get ready to embrace them and enjoy. :)

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