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Soul of India – Ayush

In our series of interviews for Soul of India, here’s Ayush from Delhi talking about his love for music!

Q1: Hello.!! How are you doing.? it is our true pleasure to you have you on our S.O.I team to represent India. Tell us how you Feel about it.? how has your journey been like so far?
Ans: I am elated to be on board and yes my journey so far has been great. You guys are doing is great with this initiative, you have my support ! we really need to merge our resources for a greater good so yeah i am 100% with you on this.

Q2: What Do You think about the concept, “BY INDIAN’s, FOR INDIAN’s”, will this elevate the music scene in INDIA?

Ans: Internet is a great way to gather more like minded people to do a greater good for the music scene. So yeah it’s a great platform for others to contribute to the scene which is just exactly what we need.

Q3: What is the most challenging thing your facing in this career ?

Ans: The Most challenging thing umm.. Would be giving the proper time to the art without any disturbance or a thought in mind asking what am i doing? I mean we all have a busy lives but getting some free time for it is just next to impossible sometimes plus you need your mind straight before hitting the studio otherwise you just end up killing yourself for not doing anything since you already get less time so a waste of time is a BIG NO, in Short Productivity and time management been the biggest obstacle of all.

Q4: 5 years down the lane where do u see yourself? Given a chance for collaboration, whom would you like to collaborate with and Why??

Ans: umm i might probably doing good with music touring maybe DJing around the world with bunch of people who are close to me and yeah starting a chapter of my life with the people whom I care and love around me doing what I love the most which is music also would love to see myself be a kickass attorney by that time as well.

No doubt hands down with deadmau5, nucleya, Karsh Kale and last but not the least Eric Prydz.

Q5: Wonderful plans you’ve got there for you.! :) So tell us which Indian artist do you admire the most and Why?

Ans: There are alot actually, Umm.. Nucleya, Karsh Kale, Midival Punditz, BLOT, Vinayaka, Papon, Rishab Joshi, etc etc.. :D

Q6: Apart from music, what else are you passionate about?

Ans: I can’t say much since music is the only thing i am passionate about the most but yes there are bunch of other things I love – all comes in The Film Making Line of Industry, Photography, Cinematography, Direction Graphic Design these kind of modern aspect of technological things.

Q7: If you were given a time machine, what would you like to do first or where would you go first & why?
Ans: Thats a tough one since i have so many places in my wishlist to visit. First would be a High altitude skiing & ski resorts in Austria then i would like to go back in time to relive a better childhood cause trust me, its one of my biggest regret of not enjoying my childhood years.

Q8. Tell us about your future projects, what can we expect more from you in the near future.?

Ans: In Future you can expect a lot from me, for starters a lot of Collabs and Solo work is pending, on top of it i just Started a Duo with my friend called “Faded Distortion” so we have alot of experimental music coming from that project. Then i am part of 2 more collective so this year is jam packed of new music coming your way also its not mainly progressive or trance anymore, i am trying a lot of new genres lately so stay tuned to find more..

Q9. Tell us something about yourself that no one knows about.? Everybody is inspired & motivated by an artist, what or who inspires you the most?

Ans: I am gonna start with my Inspiration, well earlier it used to be a certain artist but now its mainly the , the experimental genres which inspires me the most but also some artist like eric pyrdz , deadmau5, porter robinson etc etc.. are the artists i am very fond of and admire the most , whos work inspires me the most, and yeah traveling and nature do gives you a lot of inspiration and motivation, something personal ummm.. i dont like to share much of my personal things soo i am just gonna say there are alot of things people dont know about me but what u can know is that its hard for me to trust someone fully and i have a Aquaphobia.

  1. And finally, the question everybody wants to know, We see that the music scene is evolving but fading away, what are your thoughts on it?

Ans: well music scene is evolving yet fading because of the commercial acts gathering all the attention and space in the room leaving no space for the underground unique part of the music to come out with, on top of it a miss guided information about genres artists and things related to music in a mass form is one of the reason its been come to this. So yes i would like to do my best to spread the love and knowledge of music more and more with others and hopefully they spread it around more and more and we keep growing..

Thank you for taking a few min’s of your precious time to answer our questions, this journey we are starting together will be wonderful and filled with the most magical moments in our lives. So get ready to embrace them and enjoy. :)


Welcome to the team S.O.I







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