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Shan – Top 5 Goodgreef Tracks


One the of legends in the dance music scene Shan has come out of retirement to do a special set for Goodgreef  15th anniversary party. You can find the tickets here ://

Here are Shan’s top 5 tracks Goodgreef tracks

Marco V – Indicator [ID&T/Free For All] (2000)

There are so many great tracks from back in the ID&T era that would be appropriate, but this one stands out for me. It wasn’t long after this was released that I started to get gigs and it stayed in my record bag for years after. Back then it was something I could drop at either a trance night like Promise or if I was playing a harder set at somewhere like Sundissential, and it would get the same reaction.


RR Fierce & DMF – Rock Da Spot (2002)

When I first started playing for Goodgreef I was known for playing a lot harder. I used to love this one. My memory of this one isn’t of myself playing it though. I can almost picture one of the times I heard this downstairs at Philips Park Hall, the old home of Goodgreef. The place had low ceilings and was an absolute sweatbox. It was one of many times I’d end up navigating that dancefloor and I remember the place was absolutely rocking.

DK8 – Murder Was The Bass [DK Records] (2003)

This one sort of came out of nowhere at the time. The previous releases on this label weren’t in the same vein, but this one really nailed a sound that hadn’t been heard before this. It was different from the rest of the techno I was playing at the time.

Around this time I was also working on Goodgreef’s debut album and surprisingly we managed to get this on there. Considering that to us, it was an obscure techno label, and that both as a club and as DJs we weren’t really known to these sort of artists and labels, we did well to get this on the album.

Tiesto – Traffic (Max Walder Remix) [MagikMuzik] (2003)

This came at a time when Tiesto was at his peak, and to see him pushing some techno within the trance scene was perfect for me. He’d had Frank Biazzi do a remix on ‘Obsession’, picked up Umek’s ‘Gatex’, and also got Dimitri Andreas as Mojado on his MagikMuzik label. But it was this Max Walderremix of ‘Traffic’ that used to do the most damage. This got dropped many a time at Tall Trees. When putting together the mix for Goodgreef Album Two I made sure this got on there.

Barry Connell – Frizzbomb [Goodgreef Digital] (2008)

Whilst this wasn’t something I played as it sat more in Barry’s style than in my realm, it’s the most significant track to me on this list. Barry was one of my closest friends. In the months following, with the blessing of his parents and fiancée, I worked hard on getting this out there by setting up the Goodgreef Digital label and working on the release. I didn’t continue running the label after this. We donated all the proceeds to Meningitis UK in memory of Barry.



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