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Hello Sean, such a pleasure to have you back on Trance Hub. You were recently in Disney Land with your family. Who have been your favourite Disney characters?

Hahaha! I think my favorite Disney character would be Genie from Aladdin! Maybe second up would Poomba from Lion King. Pretty random question but cool! ;)

What kind of flexibility does Black Hole Recordings give you that made you shift to them for a multi-album deal?

Uncle Arny Bink (owner of Black Hole Recordings), it’s great to work with! He & Mark (Meeuwissen, A&R Director) are great, and we’ve all developed a great relationship. In fact, I believe I’ll be stopping by their offices for the first time here in the coming weeks. ;)

What made me sign with them is the fact that we’re like-minded in where I want to go as an artist — we share the same vision, and that’s not always the case between artists have and their labels. It (the album deal) was also a really great offer — something I felt I couldn’t really refuse, and not something I could get elsewhere, which I’m very grateful for. They’re also very laid back to work with, which of course is tremendously helpful to keep my mind greased and motivated.

Your media profile is on an adrenaline lately, must compliment you on this. We notice not a lot of Trance artists invest in a proper PR team, but they are happy doing social media. How has a dedicated PR team helped you?

Thanks! It’s definitely snowballed over the last 9 months that I asked to slow it down last month so I could get more studio time. These days awesome music can only take you so far, because there’s so much talent. You’ve got to sell yourself and build a loyal fan base. People want to get to know you and grow with you as an artist. It’s part of our job.

It is also nice to now have guidance with how to treat my social media outlets, and how to do things right. I think I was not so conscious up until last year about the massive importance of constant new content for the fans. This is really helping me reach out to more people and do so more consistently.

Tell us some upcoming exclusive collaborations that no-one knows about?

I’m actually taking a different approach these days and not doing any collabs this year. I’ve just done so many collabs and remixes over the years, so now the objective is to offer strong solo originals leading up to the album and do my best to make more of a lasting impression. For the album, I’m not doing many, but I am doing one with Tomas Heredia, so there’s an exclusive.

 Was there a phase in your career which you always shy away of talking about to people, every artist has a struggle phase…how did you overcome that?

That’s an easy one—probably around 2011 where I needed to expand my range for a while, and try out a few different styles. I definitely wouldn’t call it a “struggle phase,” as it has really helped out with my productions become a lot cleaner and tighter. Whether I release “traditional” trance, or “2.0” trance, or even drum & bass, trance runs through my veins, so I’m not going anywhere.

“Now You See” was released last Christmas and hit #2 on Beatport and stayed in the Top 5 for 6 weeks. From what I was told, it’s been distinguished as your most successful single in 3 years considering the chart performance and overall support from DJs, media, and industry insiders alike. What can you tell us about the next single? Congrats on that, by the way.

Well, thank you to the fans, first of all, for supporting that record. It was a great Christmas gift. The next single is a follow up to “Now You See,” and I’ll admit I had some writer’s block for about 5 weeks—likely due to pressure to make something equally as big. I kept obsessing over it, so thankfully I was given a deadline and you will hear it very soon.

In our interview with you in South Africa a couple of years back you mentioned, Albums don’t make sense…EP’s every 2 months make sense, now you have 2 albums to work on, what made you change your mind?

Ahhhh, well I guess I’m eating my words here, haha! I wanted to finally set a goal. I hadn’t done that, and it really seemed like it was now or never. Now I can really focus on writing music and ultimately be really proud I was able to do it.

(I have a feeling I’m going to be getting this question often for the next year. Ha)

 You are soon playing at Trancefusion – Power of Elements in Czech Republic, what can people expect from you?

Expect a full on trance set! I am loving so much of the new trance music coming out these days, it’s refreshing.

 In your recent interview with Digital Society, you mentioned about a BIG news related to Tytanium sessions, when can we expect that to be public?

Pretty soon hopefully. It should make things a lot easier for to help many fans be able to hear it easier. I guess that’s not that big the, is it? ;)

 Name us 3 artists you would love to go b2b with?

Paul van Dyk, O’Callaghan (I don’t recall ever doing that yet), and I’d love to go b2b with a Drum & Bass act to see how the hell I’d do, haha, like Drumsound & Bassline Smith. Actually, Juventa and I joked on twitter about doing exactly this yesterday!

You’ve just finished a brief tour of Asia – Singapore and Japan, then back again in 3 weeks. How do you prepare yourself, well not in terms of music but food wise, any Asian dishes you really love?

A lot of Asian food is off-limits to me sadly, because I don’t do seafood (weird, a DJ that doesn’t like sushi!) I love Thai and most Chinese food, though. I just like spicy non-fish dishes really. If it meets those criteria, I’m good to go!

If Sean Tyas were Vincent Chase, which Trance artists would form your Entourage? 

That’s a f*%#ing awesome question. I’d pick my friends Tom Colontonio & Darren Porter, and I’d need my brothers Ryan and Keith to be part of the team.

Thanks for your time, wish you all the best for your albums.

My pleasure, I’m glad we could finally do this! I hope you guys like the new single.

Any message for your fans?

Yes! Thank you for supporting me and my music, and I hope you love the new single—coming SOON! J

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