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Sean Tyas talks Degeneration

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Interview by Shivani Murthy 

Sean Tyas burst onto the scene in 2006, after Sander van Doorn selected him as the winner of the “Punk’d” remix contest. Shortly after releasing his debut single and first #1 record (Lift), Mixmag & Beatport named him “Best New DJ” and “One To Watch,” marking the beginning of Tyas’ journey to becoming one of the most celebrated names in trance music. Throughout his 8-year career, he’s racked up a multitude of landmark achievements, including a much lauded BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix to his credit—a rare feat by any trance artist.  A proud flag bearer of the 140 bpm uppers, he finally releases his debut album, Degeneration on the coveted recording label, Black Hole Recordings. We use to opportunity to have a small talk with him to get a deeper insight into #DEGENERATION.

You can buy #Degeneration here 

  • Hi Sean! Firstly, congratulations on the release of your first ever album! How does it feel like to finally have released it after 7 years of working behind it?

It makes me feel proud that I finally did it.  This is certainly one thing that has always plagued my mind, year after year.  Now that its done and released, I look back and its been a great lesson in learning and discipline, and can’t wait to do it again.

  • What is your expectation from the fans? How do you think they will react to your album, considering the fact that it has already garnered such a positive response?

I just expect the fans to enjoy it for exactly what it is, an artist album showcase.  This is made to be listened to outside of the clubs, maybe while just listening in you favorite listening chair, or while working out, or driving, or fuck it, while making breakfast!

  • What inspired you to name the album Degeneration? Any special reason?

The idea is an album capturing that “going against the sheepish fluff” feel.  As Degenerates we choose to defy what people tell us what is right or what is good and choose our own path.  Its about going deeper and more intelligent. Throw the rules out the window.

  • You have completed 60 episodes with Degenerate radio! Can we expect a celebration event soon when the show hits a 100 episodes or so forth?

Oh absolutely, and I can’t believe how fast it is all going! But yes, Degenerate 100 events will absolutely be planned.

  • You have had many artists remixing various tracks on your album. Which one is your favourite remix amongst those?

No favorite, I totally love them all.  They all brought their own flavors to the table, the flavors that I wanted out of each of them, and they all exceeded my expectations.

  • I know it is difficult to choose, but which is the one song in your album to which you connect the most?

I think emotionally I am really connected to Start Over ft. Cindy Zanotta.  I am just so proud of Cindy on this one, at 15 years old, this is the first track that she ever sang for, and it was not even in her native language.  So after working out a few pronunciation issues amidst two recording sessions, she really gave some special color to the lyrics.

  • You are the master of 138 bpm trance which is amazing! Does it put pressure on you to reach higher milestones? Does it give you the opportunity to experiment with different sounds?

There is always pressure I guess no matter what.  But I just want to do one thing, make music that I want to listen and dance to.  As far as opportunity to experiment and make new sounds.  Nothing ever gives me that opportunity.  It’s always there.  I think many artists don’t realize that, but it’s true.  You can do anything you want, whenever you want. You may have to learn how to do it, BUT you CAN.

  • Can we expect any new singles coming out in the new year? Or any collaborations?

Plenty of new material in the form of solo singles and collabs.  I have already started doing several with Liquid Soul and have almost finished one with Darren Porter.

  • What is currently your main challenge as a DJ?

I think the main challenge is balancing the travel schedule with fitting in production, doing a radio show, and keeping a healthy family life with my wife and 3 daughters.  It gets stressful at times, and at other times, rewarding like nothing else in the world.

  • What makes you decide to play a particular record during your sets?

Easy one, the desire to achieve a particular response usually.  I try to mix in key but that I quite limiting at times so I break that rule from time to time during the set too.  I just go with the flow and try feeding off the crowd to supplement my own energy flow

  • Can we expect to see you perform in India anytime soon?

I’m always ready to get back to India, I love it there and the people I’ve met there are amazing (as is the food because I have a new obsession with Chicken Biryani in Hyderabad).  Promoters can inquire to bring me out there anytime they want.   That, said, let’s get it rockin!

Thank you so much for taking out the time to answer these questions. And wishing you the very best for your future endeavors.

Thank you! It was a pleasure.


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