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RAM talks Forever Love


This man has had a roller coaster couple of years. From losing somebody who really loved to putting all the emotions into one album – RAM has grown as an artist, promoter and overall as a person. RAM sits down and talks about his album ‘Forever Love’

  1. Hello and Pleasure having you back on Trance Hub RAM, tell us what is the best thing about producing an album?

Well you can put all emotions & feeling into it and also different styles so you can make a complete story. It’s nice to put a variation of tracks on the album. I think an album is more to listen to at home than to party on. That’s why I have music from 120 till 138 bpm on it. Alsothat’s why some of the tracks have no intro mix. It’s easy for the ears and feeling. And when the singles come out, they will be the proper dance versions.

  1. You seem to love vocal trance, so many great vocals on this album. Share us any interesting collab stories with vocalists?

All the vocals are written especially about the emotions I went through when I lost my wife Amelia. So the lyrics are about life and the things you feel when you lose somebody but also about picking up life again. I don’t really like meaningless lyrics anyway but now they have more of a message to tell, instead of just being nice lyrics.. And it was a privilege to work with all the ladies, who understood my ideas and feelings so well and translate them perfectly into lyrics.

  1. On the other hand, you have also joined hands with many producer friends as well, how was it working with Andy Moor, James Dymond& Chris Metcalfe?

I have a collab with Andy Moor & Christina Novelli, which I think is pretty amazing although it’s my uplifting remix. Christina is such a gifted vocalist and so professional to work with. Then we have one with James Dymond & Kim Kiona. James is a good friend of mine and I really like his sound combined with the angelic vocals of the rising talent Kim Kiona. Add to that this kind of magical heavenly melody which makes this a really beautiful collab.

Then we have the one with Chris Metcalfe & Natalie Gioia another amazing vocalist with such a beautiful mesmerizing sound. This is just going from beautiful to energetic really love this one also. So it’s nice to see that all collabs, because all artists bring their influences into the tracks, turned out so massively.

  1. Why is it that a lot of artists choose summer to release their albums and we don’t see artist albums in winter?

For me that’s pure coincidence,it wasn’t intended. We just set a date because actually it should havebeen done in January already but I didn’t make that so J

  1. The Ibiza season is ON, could you tell us a little bit about your young ibiza memories?

When I wasn’t playing as a DJ yet,  about 20 years ago, I went there already to go clubbing and my biggest memory is that I set half the beach bushes on fire by accident and the whole ibiza fire company had to come lol.. and of course playing now in the club where I was clubbing that time is nice J always thought should be cool if you can play in Ibiza at that time. Now I do.. And it’s even more cool that we do our own Grotesque events now on Ibiza .

  1. You seem to be doing these lunches with your fans, one before ASOT in Utrecht and I am sure you have planned a few more soon, how do fans get to dine with you?

Yes I do them where I can and it’s a great success. I have dinners with 20 ‘till 100 people. It’s nice to speak with the people and spend some quality time together. I like to know the fans that support me. This is for me a way to show my appreciation to them. When I have the time I will ask the promoter to set it up. So when it’s possible in the time frame that I am in a country I do it :) so check out my FB or from the promoter of your country !!

  1. Your event Grotesque is going great in Netherlands, this year you have decided to take Grotesque Indoor festival to Utrecht, what was the idea behind the move?

We already have had a few editions in Rottedam and we want to keep our daytime Indoor Festival there, so we needed another location for the Winter edition. Central Studios is a great location to host a good show. And it’s also in the centre of Holland and easy to get to for everyone.

  1. You’re playing in 3 of FSOE parties in this year, Aly & Fila have supported you for many years now. What can we expect from you at these FSOE events?

Yes I’m really looking forward to that very much and of course it’s an honour to play on 3 of these great events. You can expect a lot of music from my album on the show as well as my own favo tracks of course. It’s just mainly the mix of Pure energy and melodic emotional trance with a lot of power J

  1. Now as a label owner with Grotesque – what kind of music do you plan to release? How do people send you their tracks?

Just great trance :) it needs to touch me and make me wanna jump lol people can send their tracks to

Message for your fans

Music is life, Life is emotions, Emotions is love.. Forever Love

thank you all for the love & support !!

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