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RAM & Grotesque Indoor Festival

Hi RAM, its a pleasure to have you on Trance Hub, we know this was over due. How is the prep going on for Grotesque Indoor Festival?

All is going very fine we are looking again at a massive production even better then last years. We tuned up the show and deco elements so we will have a great experience for the people trough out the night :-)

You can buy tickets to Grotesque Indoor Festival here

Sure you know your name comes from a Hindu god RAM who is an integral part of our religion, do you know more about Lord Rama?

I know its was a god indeed but thats all i know unfortunately.. Not so good in religions I have my own religion

How has life changed after Ramelia?

Life have changed a lot after Amelia yes and RAMelia made it more tolerable .. Its a crazy thing how this went from whats the worst thing can happen to also a beautiful turn out because the track reached so many hearts.. But of course life in general changed 180 degrees. But trance keeps me alive :-)

You wear many hats – Producer, DJ, event promoter ..which one do you enjoy the most?

Defiantly first a dj that my biggest passion would not know what to do with out that :-) then producing because its nice to put you emotions in a track that like RAMelia reach so many hearts and gives so much joy to people . So playing your own music and see the people enjoying that its the best there is for me.. Then promoter thats anyway minimal now because don’t have the time so much so that task i spread with some of my mates. Because my focus is now by the Grotesque music label and the radioshow outside playing and producing.
What do you think has made Grotesque such an important trance music event franchise around Europe?

Well i think the line ups, locations, vibe and production is the combination of the success. We always want the visitor to leave with a overall experience. Not just good music but visually also. So we take a lot care in the details of the production. Then of course the people that come and the vibe is amazing you can’t beat that.. We are on big Grotesque Family :-)
Do you think the concept of ‘trance only’ theme for a festival dying slowly or it has grown over the years?

I hate that everybody is talking about dying .. Its absolute bull shit. Take a look at ASOT is that dying .. No not really and there are getting more trance stages again on festivals. After a while he whole EDM hype will be going away because people will not listen the same music so long and specially while every EDM DJ plays the same shit. People are getting already enough and soon want to listen to something new so techno or trance will follow up on this.. Circle of music

Your track RAMore has been doing really good, how was it working with Stine Grove?

Stine Grove is just amazing to work with such a lovely lady with amazing talent. Its was really a big pleasure to work with her for this single.
We are working on a other single as well for my album. And its of course great to see that the track is doing so good everywhere and that we get a lot of great feedback..

It has been a great year of touring for you, tell us about your best gigs & friends?

Yes its bin crazy year but also amazing to see the love and support i get all over the world. Makes me feel humble to see this and feel this.
Best gigs are for me when the crowd is into the music doesn’t matter if its 100 or 10.000 people its all about the vibe and relation between DJ and crowd. If that is established I enjoy everywhere. But had some amazing gigs in Asia , S America, N America and of course in Europe. Think the highlight was Electronic Family Festival my son was with me and he announced me on stage and when Susana did RAMelia we all get on stage. That was pretty awesome to do this with him…

What’s new coming up from RAM, let your fans know

Well the Grotesque label just started with the release of RAMore and will have all my album work + some more new talents and respected names on theere.  Of course my Album Forever Love is in the making with some awesome collabs and amazing vocal tracks .. Doing a single with Andy Moor and Christina Novelli thats really cool .. New single is ready that will be a rework of the Orange theme classic. My  RAM In Concert event what will be showing the tracks from my album with live orchestra and vocalists. So lots on the way :-)

Any message for all who are attending Grotesque Indoor festival this year?

Sure i just finished the CD specially for the Grotesque Indoor Festival what will be exclusively sold there because it will only come out in December. Its got 4 exclusive Grotesque tracks as well my remix for Concrete Angel thats not out yet. So more reason to come :-)

But  that said, we got a amazing show coming up with that line up, its guaranteed to be a great night out !!



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