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Press Play with Susana before Trancefusion 2015

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Just before Trancefusion 2015 – Time to Say Goodbye, we asked the vocalist of the moment – Susana to share her favourite tracks of late.

We’ve always known Susana to be a really progressive person and she has a great knack of pioneering new trends in the trance music industry. Susana is ready with her new Radio Show – Press Play, which will be aired on Amsterdam Trance Radio on Sunday, 5th April at 8 pm CET.

So here are Susana’s top 5 tracks of the moment.

Ferrin & Morris – Glory (Original Mix)

When I heard this one on ASOT705 it immediately stood out to me. Its bittersweet melodies – which I believe are perfectly described by the tracks title – and the driving bass lines are so well combined that it manages to take you on an emotional journey without ever becoming over the top. To me “Glory” exemplifies trance in the true meaning of the word.


Nadia Ali – Rapture (Greg Downey Remix)

When one of your all time favourite (classic) tracks gets a remix it can really be hit or miss, yet I believe Greg Downey did a great job here! His version sounds big and contemporary while still letting the vocals take the lead. A great mix that stays true to the original.


Cold Rush – Fragments (Original Mix)

It’s safe to say I am a fan of the Cold Rush’ sound! Their remix of “Never Let You Down” – my collab with Tenishia – is one of my favourite tracks to perform live on stage. This duo never disappoints me with their bold yet emotional mixes. “Fragments” to me is an example of how they manage to combine great melodies with a banging sound. Trance with an edge, just the way I like it

Plumb – Need You Now (Bryan Kearney Remix)

Obviously this remix has been going around for some time already but for me it just doesn’t get old! It still gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. The massive mix combined with the strong full on vocals gives it an undeniable big room sound. The universally themed lyrics are great as well, I think most people will be able to relate to them. All in all this track is an explosion of emotion.

Ram & Susana – Someone Like You (Original Mix)

The lyrics for Someone Like You are of the most personal I have ever written, making it one of my favourite tracks I have done. Once we reached the chorus all of a sudden the theme became clear to me and the words just came naturally. Someone Like You is a song about realising you’ve been looking for love in the wrong places and finally seeing that the right person has been in front of you all along, you just never believed, deep down, that you were worthy to be loved like they do, until, by showing it through actions instead of just words, they made you believe again.

Now that is a great Selection Susana. Always a pleasure to have you on the hub!






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