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Very happy to have on board the uplifting sensation – Photographer. Hi, what are you doing?

Hi, thanks for so bright greeting. Now I am spending time working in studio on some upcoming stuff.

How did Photographer start?

This all started long ago when I was just a music listener. I even cannot remember all circumstances I just remember that one day CD with my first simple music software came into my hands, I was spending a lot of time in it and after this all happened by itself.

Why “Photographer”?

You know, this is the question on which I cannot find answer even for myself.

We know that Photographer consists of 2 members: Yuri Sena and Dmitry Chumak. But we see only one member DJing at events. Who is going to gigs and who stays home? Why?

Actually “Photographer” this is one guy, I mean myself. I use to go to gigs, work on stuff and everything else as for music producing, DJing. Yuri helps me to maintain social networks, to sort promo stuff, etc., and he used to be like a manager for me.

2010 was the year of Photographer’s debut in trance scene but when actually did your love for trance begun?

I think I opened for myself this music style approximately in 2005-2006 and of course ASOT also made a big “investment” to my music tastes.

Your uplifting is so powerful and mind-blowing and your sound is very distinctive.Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to uplifting trance?

I even have no idea, usually I just sit down and start to work, only one thing I found that better to work when you are in a good mood :)

You’re coming from Ukraine – a country where trance is not so mainstream and uplifting music not so popular. Why did you choose this genre?

Nobody told me what I should listen to so I made my choice, I really was inspired by this music, I discovered energy, fast and driving music style, just exactly what I was looking for.

Your breakthrough was with the massive “Airport” and Armin himself made a mashup with this track. How did you feel when you’ve heard the mashup almost in every live set?

This was something really unexpected for me, for some time I had a feeling that this is not true.

After lots of amazing remixes for Aly & Fila (Laily) Abstract Vision (Rocket) or Who’s Afraid of 138 (AvB) on what you’re currently working? Some banging tunes? Debut album?

Currently I want to concentrate on my own production, I want to improve my style and come with something new and better.

Which gigs have been your favorite till now? Any funny moments?

They are all my favourite, small and big, I remember almost all of them and they all have some funny moments/situations so I always have something to remember. Next time we should have much more time because this story could drag on many hours :)

Thank you for this Interview! Any message for your fans?

I just want to say a few words to my fans: Guys, you are the best! Thanks and see you soon :)


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