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Orla Feeney

She’s on fire this year, with 4 new tracks coming up, we are gonna hear from Orla Feeney a lot. Just before her gig at The Academy in Dublin on 24th of January(details here), we did a quick interview to check  – what’s up?

Hello Orla, its great to finally have you on Trance Hub..tell us how are you coping with the stormy Irish winter this year? I’m used to it, luckily where I live we didn’t get it as bad as other parts of the country. How are you coping with it ?

Me – Barely coping with it

You play in Dublin on the 24th of January, it’s a familiar place, city you have played quite often..what do you make out of the crowd here?

The Irish are a wicked crowd, energetic, and I love it. Ireland is a small island and a tight community so when you play in Ireland it’s great as there are a lot of familiar faces and friends. A party only really starts when you bring the Irish in ;)

Everybody who has seen you says, you are full of energy when you’re in the DJ booth, tell us how that energy comes from?

Simply the music and the crowd, there’s just something that takes over.  I absolutely love DJ’ing it’s not something I do its a part of who i am. The energy is passion.

4 new singles coming out on Vandit Music, wow share us more on them…any collaborations?

VANDIT has been my home since 2009 but that doesn’t always guarantee a release. To have all four of the records I sent accepted was just a pure feeling of happiness.

There are two vocal tracks one with Deirdre mc Laughlin “This Moment” which I’ve been playing in my live sets, the second vocal is with a woman which was an honour to work with Miss Antonia Lucas. Apart from the 4 tracks with VANDIT I’ve been working with Eddie Bitar and Walsh & McAuley on collabs so you’ll be hearing those collabs this year too. I’m very excited about whats happening with my music right now.

You run a dedicated radio show on RTE – Taster, what kind of music do you play there…just trance or is it a mixture of all Dance music genres? How has it grown over the years?

Taster is a weekly show, it’s been with Irelands National Broadcaster for over 4 years and also on AHFM, 1mix Radio and recently added another three stations which is pretty cool, we’ve done a lot with TASTER over the past few years.

Live broadcasts, shows with Irish DJ Co-Hosts – Bryan Kearney, Sneijder, Paul Webster Neal Scarborough to name a few, it’s been a lot of fun.

On the show I’ve interviewed Armin, Ferry, A&B, Marco V and so many more.

It’s great to be able to deliver great content to our listeners.

Sometime’s it is a mixture of dance music genres, it will depend on what I’ve been listening to or just for something different, variety is the spice of life.

Unlike other new producers you have more originals than remixes in your discogs, why is this so?

There is no specific reason for that. I do prefer to work on my own originals than to remix.

What advice would you give to young female producer & DJs who are trying to break into the scene?

It can be harder being female in a male dominated industry but don’t let that deter you, if you have a dream and a passion to produce and mix music don’t let anyone ever take that away from you. Work hard always be yourself and go for it.

You are all set for a North America tour soon, what do love about the US and the scene there?

I’ve only played once in the US before in Atlantic City with Tom Colontonio, so the USA is new territory for me I’m very excited to find out and discover what’s happening over there.

Imagine we gave you 100,000$ – you need to pick 4 other female artists in the dance music scene for a holiday,  who would you pick, where would you go and what would you do?

Audrey Gallagher, Susana, Nifra & Linnea Schossow,  I think a tropical island would be very nice, sun, sea, palm trees and cocktails.

Any targets for the year 2014 for Orla?

I’m working on a concept show with Anotonia Lucas so we’re planning to get that in shape this year, the studio will be kept busy and on a none music note to get to Bikram Yoga more and to stop putting it off to next week ha ha

Message for the fans

Hope to party with you soon :)

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