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Orjan Nilsen talks 2015

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Orjan Nilsen is inviting you all to be part of his next video – What its all about. Head down to know more.

  1. Hello Orjan, We couldn’t have a proper chat at ASOT Fest Asia in Mumbai, so I thought we’d get on it this time. How has 2015 been so far, what have been your personal highlights?

“Oh there has been so many, ASOT in India was off the scale, obviously there are Tomorrowland, EDC Vegas, Electric Zoo and many other amazing shows, but the highlight personally must be that I’m finally a homeowner!”

  1. You are making a fan video for your new single ‘What its all about’ with Mike James, could you tell us how does one participate here?

“Record a video of What It’s All About to you, it can be you doing sports, hanging with friends, being at a show, forest-walks with your significant other, as long as you’re happy and willing to share a 10-15 second HD clip  of your joyful moments, send it over to before November 29th and get a chance to win limited edition merch and a signed card from me!”

  1. Tell us more about the collaboration with Mike James, how did it come about?

“I first worked with Mike when he wrote Hands, the opening track on my No Saint Out Of Me album, and after that we hung out a ton whenever I was in Vancouver and we struck up a friendship, earlier this year he sent over What It’s All About to me, I had no idea who sang it, but I loved it and it then turned out that he was the one singing!”

  1. 5 of your tracks in contention for ASOT’s top 20 for 2015, personally do you have a favourite track of this year? Apart from your tracks of course J

“I have two tracks, the first one is a track I’ve been in love with since March; Matisse & Sadko vs Vigel – Tengu, I just got my hands on it and I play it everywhere! – the other one is kind of cheating, it’s the Khomha Remix of my track Endymion, I really dig that driven ravey feel he added to it!”

  1. It’s been a while we received a promo from your new label ‘In my Opinion’ How has responsibilities changed with the launch of the label?

“This year focus was more on my own stuff, But hoping to get the label back on track, we’ve got some very talented guys we’re trying to support!, so there should be something in your inbox in not too long”

  1. Do you agree with DJ Mag that trance is no longer the mainstream dance music genre as it was a few years ago?

“Depends on what you think of when you hear the word trance, I personally think I have some strong trance influences in what I do, most of the really good melodies, even in big room, are really trance, Trance has transcended beyond just being a genre, it’s a feeling it’s a vibe”

  1. You were part of Armin’s tour in the Scandinavians recently, how was the experience?

“Touring with Armin is always fun, I wish I could do that more often, most of the time we just     talk on skype or whatsapp, so to be able to sit down and just talk is amazing”

  1. 2015 has been busy for you, what can we expect in 2016?

More stuff, there will be more vocals, more remixes, I’ll keep on evolving, and just having fun in the studio, more of everything really”

  1. We know you love your food and alcohol, what is your favourite cuisine and do you cook yourself?

“Dumplings, or Sushi, I love both, I do cook myself”

Message for your fans

“Thank you so much for your continued support, Let’s just have a blast in 2016, #TeamOrjan is strong!, and please send me your happy videos at before 29th of November”



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