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Menno de Jong – Grotesque Indoor Festival 2014

Hi Menno, its a big pleasure to have you on Trance Hub, tell us a couple of good and bad things of being SO TALL!

Well, the bad is I have to duck under doors almost everywhere. Fortunately Holland is becoming more and more giant proof but the rest of the world is running behind.
The good is, when I go to a concert or party I have the best view!

“Creatures Of The Night” is perhaps one of the best tracks of the year, tell us a little about how did it all happen?

Well, I decided it was time to write another vocal track so I got to work in the studio. When I finished the instrumental I thought: the melody is great but I’m not sure if this is perfect for vocals, but let’s give it a try. My friend Shane Halcon introduced me to Noire Lee and I really liked her voice. She’s from Vancouver and recorded a demo vocal at her home. Needless to say when I heard it I was blown away! She went into a studio there to record the final takes immediately, sent them back and the rest is, as they say, history!

You have done a couple of collabs with Adam Ellis, how is it working with the young prodigy?

It’s been really inspirational and we’ve learned a lot from each other. He really knows how to bring energy to his productions! We’re working on a new collab at the moment.

You have been around in the scene for over a decade now, how do you think trance music ‘events’ have changed over the years?

Trance has gotten a lot more energetic and harder. It used to be more about the melodies and atmosphere, whereas now tracks really need to pump and have a big drop. I enjoy both sides so in all my sets I try to bring together the old and the new.

We know Tiesto has been one of your inspirations during your career, who have been the other ones?

Too many to mention! Sasha, Way Out West, Oliver Lieb, Push, System F, Paul Kalkbrenner, Joris Voorn, Underworld etc. etc.

What’s with the love for cats on your Facebook page haha?

Cats make me laugh! It’s also better to post some fun stuff rather than just saying “hey buy my track” “hey come to my show”..

An answer everyone wants to know – when is Menno De Jong releasing an album?

Good question! I’ve always been a fan of doing mixalbums rather than artist albums but maybe one day it will happen.

What can we expect from you at Grotesque Indoor festival?

A set full of energy, mystery and my signature sound. I also have a new tech/psy track to try out!

Tell us a something that makes Netherlands crowd different to other countries?

They have been listening to Trance since the very beginning, so their musical knowledge is very big! In general the crowd in The Netherlands is actually very international, because so many people travel from abroad to visit the events.

Message for your fans?

Thank you for your continued support, see you on the dance floor! <3

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