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Linnea Schossow talks label business

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From a vocalist to a producer to a DJ and now a label owner. Linnea Schossow has come a long way. She has recently launched her own label Auditory Music and her first track comes from her dear friend Orla Feeney. We had a chat with Linnea about her growing music career

– Hi Linnea, pleasure to have you on Trance Hub. How are you enjoying the Irish summer this year?

Hi Guys, The pleasure is mine. Well luckily we finally got a heat wave so I am enjoying it as much as possible. I almost thought we wouldn’t get summer this year.

– How has life changed since you have moved to Ireland from Sweden, what prompted this?

I was looking for a new adventure in my life and wanted to live in country that used English as language so my father suggested Dublin. As I had been here once before to preform and had good memories from the beautiful city I decided to take a chance and moved all by my own.

I had to start from the beginning again with finding a home and friends but everything has come together and I am the happiest I have ever been and have found people that means everything to me over here in Dublin so I am very glad my father suggested me to move here.

– From a vocalist, to a DJ and now a label owner, that’s a great progress in a few years. What is Linnea’s secret to success?

I would say hard work and that i followed my dreams and heart. If you want something you will need to make it happen as it won’t come by itself. Many times I have been scared of my own dreams but then I use to think if you are not scared of your dreams then the dream isn’t big enough. A few years ago I was dreaming of starting my own label and thought it would be impossible and didn’t know where to start. Now here I am with my own label Auditory Recordings. I am very proud of my label and the artists I have signed so far. We are a great family and this is only the start.

– Tell us more about your vision with Auditory Music? What kind of music will you be having here?

We are looking for different kind of styles in Trance and Techno. Everything from Uplifting Trance to progressive Trance and Techno. The label has different colour codes. Auditory Red is for progressive Trance & Tehcno and Auditory Blue is for Uplifting Trance. We are looking for a sound that make the track outstanding and unique. We are starting off the label with Auditory Blue with a massive release from our girl Orla Feeney and her unique song “Cosmology”. I am so excited for this track . It has such a huge sound.

– You also have a few tracks coming on Vandit, could you tell us something about that?

Haha well that is very top secret at the moment but you will hear something BIG at the end of this year and beginning of next year ;)

– The industry has really evolved when it comes to accommodating female artists to the scene, would you agree?

Well looking back just 10 years ago there has been a slow change. I am tired of talking about it and let the music prove and talk for itself. I don’t think the gender of the producer should matter. It’s the music that should do the talking always :)

– On the other hand, Here’s a question, how do we get more female trance fans to the clubs. This is still very male dominated?

Everyone has different music styles that they like so I it’s up to each person to decide what music they love to listen to weather its trance or something else. Trance is underground musik gene and you wouldn’t really hear it on the main stream radio stations or TV. You kind of have to search for it a little bit. I myself was introduced to trance when I was around 8 and never looked back from then. Whether its females or males you can always try to play a good tune for your friends and spread the love of trance.

– Tell us more about your future tours this year?

I will be doing a 5 city tour in Asia later this year. More information will be available soon :)

– Fun question here. If you were to lead a beach volleyball team which other female artists would you pick and which beach would you host it?

Haha good question!

I would have Orla Feeney, Audrey Gallagher , Nifra , Susana, Amba Shepherd and Claudia Cazacu on my team meeting Jano, Roxanne Barton , Antonia Lucas , Emma Hewitt , Vicky Devine , Kristina Sky and Dakova dae. We would be at the Bora Bora beach in Ibiza with loads of cold cocktails ;)

Message for your fans?

Thank you for the continuously support. I hope to see you soon on one of my future gigs.

I am excited to present you my new label Auditory Recordings a sub label of Blackhole Recordings. If you want to try your luck send us your demos at


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