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Krystal Roxx talks Music & Club Residency

Krystal Roxx talks Music & Club Residency

The gorgeous Krystal Roxx has been travelling around the world spreading love & energy through her music. Recently she has announced her EP ‘We Are Amazing’ and good folks Mark Loverush & Stereojackers remixed it, made it uplifting and just fantastic. Buy your copy here Beatport | iTunes

Hi Krystal, chuffed to have you on Trance Hub. Could you give us a little background of yourself for our readers?

Hey Trance Hub, I’m a DJ, Producer and Business Woman from London. I’ve been playing about with production for my own stuff for some time. I toured a live show last year which was something that I will definitely do again as I could really play around with what people enjoy by mixing trance with house and even the odd garage track.

After DJing for nearly seven years I realised I could connect with people more if I made what I saw they enjoyed. I started making music about four years ago now and it’s taken me that long to get close to what I hope people enjoy, I am really excited for you to hear where I go next with the sound.

I have been working with some wonderful people in the last few years and I wanted to release some music with some upbeat lyrics, that sat with what I wanted to play out.

When you have your own track play out to 90,000 people it is something simply fantastic and when they mouth the words it makes you heart go funny. I have always wanted to make people happy through music and performance so I can’t quite believe all the lovely things people have said about my music, it’s really humbling and I cannot wait for the follow up releases.

Your new single ‘We Are Amazing’ is out on September 25. Tell us a little more about this track – inspiration, production process?

I worked on this track for a while from some material I wrote with Maegan Cottone (singer/songwriter for Iggy Azalea & Britney Spears) and Marc JB (Bimbo Jones). We played around with some ideas for this and then it got featured on an advert for Barry M Cosmetics in the UK and it kind of spiralled from there.

I have been looking at some more 90s garage and disco vibes into the sound so I tested this out in some of the remixes to see what people liked. The whole remix package is something I wanted to put out with the main track as I basically loved every version!

Mark Loverush & Stereojackers have done an awesome uplifting & thumping trance remix to “We Are Amazing”. How did you get a chance to collaborate with them?

We were playing in the recording studios at Metropolis and Mark Loverush & Sterojackers heard the track and loved the vibe so we had a chat about doing a proper remix. I have always wanted to do some trance stuff with them and this was a good time to play out some more versions and when the boys sent over the stems they did, I loved it and instantly had to get out in Brixton with the Superfoxx girls!

Do you personally like Trance music? Any trance gigs you have recently attended. How were they?

I recently was at Faithless at SW4 with some friends and Trance is something that sits so well with lighting and visuals and that is something that I adore being part of. The Faithless gig was awesome and “Salva Mea” is just such a tune! In fact saying that I heard a Gareth Emery tune at a house party that was awesome and it’s hard not to appreciate all the awesome music from the UK when you live with the best music on your front door step being played out!

You regularly play at Morning Gloryville, what a beautiful concept that is. How different is it to prepare a set for the morning instead of the late nights?

I recently played warm up with Fat Boy Slim and we had such a good morning together, the whole room just is one big party from 6 am until 11 am. The tracks I play out are the same I would play at 1 am or 9 pm. It’s totally my kind of party. I would play that gig daily if I could, it is like a family to me. I was back this month at Morning Gloryville at Ministry of Sound, it is absolutely perfect for me as I don’t drink very often and am massively into yoga and fitness. The team at Morning Glory is so awesome and if you haven’t been yet you seriously need to get to one somewhere in the world!

How did the transformation from being an Actor to a DJ come about?

Wow, how did you find that out?! So, yeah I was in Doctor Who and in Shows like Spamalot and even a Morrisons advert (a chain of supermarkets in the UK!). I use to make the mixes for warm ups and a friend said, you should do this as a job. I guess out of my love for music it actually turned into my job and now it’s been something I can’t think of giving up.

You bring tremendous energy in your sets and it is very infectious for the crowd as well. Who are your favourite DJs to watch & perform?

Well, yeah I like to bring a carnival feel to my sets. If you don’t dance for the whole time I am not doing a good set in my eyes. Fat Boy Slim who is somewhat of an idol of mine, he totally understands the beat that follows through a set and every time he plays you can’t help but love the gig!

You are launching a Superfoxx residency in October at Tape, London. How are the preparations going on and what can the crowd expect?

Well, it’s a totally new concept for a club, we have some of the most incredible people involved. The whole concept is an immersive party. We have food, drink, visuals, lighting, DJs, Dancers, live acts, and the whole experience is something that most won’t have experienced before. We have spent a long time working on what happens and literally the whole thing is one big show from start to finish. It’s something really fun to bring to people and the most important part is we give our profits to mentoring events for young women. We recently opened a DJ Academy and we offer a cost effective way to learn music production and DJing.

You have toured India before, how was your experience and what do you think about the dance music scene here?

Well I love India, I made some great friends there. I have toured a few times and would love to come back next year. We actually were chatting about being in Delhi and Mumbai and how awesome it was. The whole scene is really something I

love and the people where simply incredible. I played a gig with Lionel Richie and I think when he saw people dancing to my set he totally got the reason India is such a great place to party. I work with Plan International in Delhi and what they do is incredible. 

Could you tell us about your future projects?

I have some new music out, some new shows and I hope to bring Superfoxx to the world so we can help as many people as possible and have a really good time doing it. In fact after this I am going to make some calls and see if I can bring a show to India, it’s about time I came and partied with you all again over there.

Message for your fans…

If you can always do what you love and help others along the way then simply it’s one of the greatest things to do with your time on the planet. I can only say thank you to anyone that buys my music or rips it from Soundcloud and I really hope you can come to a show and support Superfoxx

Thanks for your time Trance Hub, love Krystal x


Co-founder Trance Hub. Digital Marketing enthusiast and loves the business of Trance music

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