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Jordan Suckley & Mark Sherry talk Damaged

Jordan Suckley has been living a dream, he’s perhaps been the fastest growing artists in the recent times. From singles, to BBC radio show, to playing at the biggest festivals. In only a few years he has gone on from starting a music label to compiling its first compilation. We had a chat with both Jordan Suckley & Mark Sherry on what went into making this one

You Can buy Damaged Volume 1 by Jordan Suckley & Mark Sherry here – iTunes

Jordan Suckley

jordan suckley

– Hi Jordan Suckley its great to have you back on Trance Hub. How does it feel to be a newbie to be one of the most wanted men in Trance scene in a few years?

– Thanks for the kind words! I love what i do, so its nice when i hear other people enjoy it too!

– It’s interesting to see nomenclature of your tracks – they’re usually just one/two words, any reason behind that?

– I just like to pick track names based on something happening at that point on time when the track is made!

– Damaged Records Volume One is out already, share us a little timeline of starting a new label releasing almost 25 tracks in a year to a label compilation already?

– Well i didn’t really want to start my own label at first, but my management convinced me and since then things seem to have gone well for Damaged! We were the 13th best selling Trance label on Beatport in its first year! Crazy!

– With so many compilations releasing lately, what makes Damaged Volume One different to others?

– I am not focusing on other compilations, i just put what music i like on there and if people like it, they like it! :)

– So after almost being in the industry for 5-7 years, how would you define Jordan Suckley’s sound?

– Trance with balls !

– There are many articles on the web about Norms for opening DJs however even closing a night is a tough act. Any tips to Closing DJs?

– Make sure your first few tracks are decent or everyone will go home haha!

– What is next for Jordan Suckley?

– Collab with Paul van Dyk, remix for Tiesto, loads of new originals and tours all over!

Mark Sherry

mark sherry

– Hi Mark, its an absolute honour to have you on Trance hub. We love your collaborative attitude and that you like to work with all the artists in the industry. Do you think trance fraternity – producers, labels and promoters are very open or divided into clusters?

Hi guys, thanks a lot for this interview! To be honest I think the ‘purist’ days of dance music are becoming more & more a thing of the past. Some of the techno producers that I’ve been dealing with recently seem really keen to work with the trance guys and vice versa, which is exactly the way it should be in my opinion. No walls, no boundaries, just good tunes and damn good nights..whatever the genre!

– What was your reaction when Jordan asked you to mix a CD for his compilation?

I was really delighted as it’s been a while since I did a mix compilation. I’ve known and worked with Jordy for quite a few years now, so it was cool to bang heads and work on a serious tracklist together, one that really suited our mixture of styles!

– Share a little about the theme about your mix for the part of the compilation?

The mix is a true representation of where I’m at with music just now, a complete blend of trance & techno that showcases the releases over my 2 labels, Outburst Records for tech-trance/trance and Techburst Records for techno. It also gives you a very good idea of what my DJ sets in a club are sounding like these days. I love mixing these 2 styles together, it’s a lot more fun and it can freak the clubbers out a bit, which I really like to do haha.

– Your own label Outburst is going great guns with its unique tech trance and techno sounds, share us some new upcoming tracks?

Both labels are doing great so I’m very thankful and happy about that, it’s a lot of hard work but it seems to be paying off and the response has been a bit overwhelming to be honest! Coming up soon on Outburst I’ve got the Solis & Sean Truby and Nick Callaghan remixes of my collab with Clare Stagg ‘How Can I’ and also new singles & EP’s from Corti Organ, David Forbes, Aimoon, Nick Callaghan, Paul Thomas, 2nd Phase, Fred Baker, Ikorus& loads of others, plus the next Bursting Out Vol:3EP has 4 big tracks incl the new one from Adam Ellis and also some really cool stuff from some new-gen producers. The Fred Baker & Bryan Kearney remixes of Alex Di Stefano ‘Escape From the Past’ are out now and the debut EP from Stephen Kirkwood was released on Monday. Coming up on Techburst there are new techno remixes of my old ‘Vengeance’ track by Leon Bolier under his ‘WSTLNDR’ guise and also Balthazar &JackRock and Destroyer, plus there are brand new tracks/EP’s from Alex Di Stefano, Pedro Delgardo & TKNO, Gene Karz, Stevie Wilson, Hackler &Kuch and loads more! The latest release is ‘Stereo Vice’ by Chicago Loop which includes a remix from Shelley, thatwas released last Monday also. Busy busy times!  J

– Scottish trance scene is going great guns lately with festivals and great club nights, what is going right there?

To be honest the scene is very small in Scotland just now, there are only a handful of events/promoters that I would play for now like Colours/Coloursfest, Zoom, Trancelate etc. Things do seem to be slowly picking up again in Scotland though, especially for that’s definitely a good sign!

– You also support the industry with your mastering services – for young producers, share us a little importance about mastering and why they should have a professional do it?

Good mastering is so important, it’s the final process that can make or break your production, it’s almost as important as the track itself. Producing and mastering are not the same thing though, a lot of people thionk that they are but you use different techniques from production and need to have a good ear to spot any mistakes and be able to pick out and correct any frequency issues etc etc. If you want your track to stand out amongst the thousands of tracks that are delivered to DJ’s and stores week in week out then you really should have someone professional masteryour tracks. When you add up all of the long hours of blood, sweat & tears that you spend locked up in your studio, it’s really worth taking that extra time to get the final stage done properly by someone with experience that knows exactly what they are doing instead of fumbling through it yourself and really increasing the risk of ruining your track!

– What is next for Mark Sherry?

We are in the middle of planning some Outburst club events around  the globe, but I can’t say what our exact plans are yet as it is all still in the very early stages..but it’s very exciting! As far as the gigs go, this weekend you can catch me at Trancecodapres ‘Full On’ in Birmingham where i’ll be playing the main stage with Ferry Corstenand going B2B with him for a while too which will be great! Then I have 3 dates in the US over 2 weekends this month, San Diego for ‘Lucent pres Damaged’ with Jordan, Adam Elis &Lostly, then I’m at ‘Phoriapres Mental Asylum’ at Ruby Skye in San Francisco with Indecent Noise & James Dymond, then Fresno fairgrounds for another ‘Mental Asylum’ event hosted by the ‘Sun Kissed Festival’, again with Aleks& James. It’s great to be doing loads in the US just now! There are also lots of other big events coming up this summer as well, Space in Ibiza with Ferry (and lots of other Ibizan dates TBA), Tomorrowland in Belgium with Ferry and also Dance Valley with Ferry also, plus FSOE400 with Aly& Fila in Prague and loads of other stuff that I can’t mention yet I’m’s going to be a very busy year!

Thanks a lot guys, see you soon!

M  J


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