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John 00 Fleming talks technology & psy trance

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This man wears many hats…A great producer & DJ, a music label owner, fantastic writer and also curator of an enchanting music  conference – Brigton Music Conference(BMC) on 5th and 6th June. Here’s John 00 Fleming

BMC features a show floor of 60 exhibitors including DJ and professional audio equipment specialists, Allen & Heath, Numark, Pioneer DJ, Roland, and a host of other music businesses with expertise from education – BIMM, Point Blank London  and Northbrook College – to royalty collection and legal advice from PRSforMusic.

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John, honoured to have you back on Trance Hub. Talk to us about the evolution of technology in Dance Music?

I don’t miss breaking my back whilst lugging big creates of heavy vinyl around the world, I don’t miss my vinyl going missing by airlines, I don’t miss records skipping by an over enthusiastic raver jumping around in front of the DJ booth and I don’t miss the cracked muffled sound of a worn record. There are many advantages to technology as we move forward, though many frowning purists disagree as they focus on controversial features such as the sync button.

Technology has moved forward at a ridiculously fast rate in our day to day lives, something we embrace and constantly want more of, whilst in the music world we will constantly have two camps, the traditionalists and people like me, whom embrace technology to enhance my creativity. In today’s world DJ sets are no longer a secret, within minutes of a DJ dropping a track in a set, Spotify has identified it and fans send it viral on social media. DJ’s now have to think hard how to make their sets sound unique and turning to technology now allows us to bring our studio tools into a club environment allowing us to create one off sets. Think James Zabiela. This now becomes the value of the DJ creating a completely unique set each and every time and being able to edit and remix tracks live in front of a live audience.

I sometimes struggle to understand the thought process behind the frowning critics of technology, often this masks fear of change. I personally looked beyond that fear thus allowing my artistic mind to create what was once impossible in the studio and DJ booth, now giving me endless possibilities.

What do you make of the Psy-Trance revolution lately?

There’s currently a lot of talk about the evolution of Psy Trance and it becoming a Worldwide phenomenon, the fact is Psy Trance has always been a Worldwide phenomenon and people are only just starting to discover it due to the regular Trance scene starting to get jaded, formulaic and very commercial…dare I say the word EDM. Trance fans are starting to look elsewhere for their hit of serious Trance, and the Psy world offers this in shed loads. Many A-List DJ’s such as Simon Patterson and even recently Armin Van Buuren are also dipping their toes into this world. Psy Trance was born from Goa Trance in the early 90’s that arguably created Trance as we know it. They say history repeats itself and thus creating the buzz of Psy Trance, as did Goa Trance in the mid 90’s. I’m looking forward to the future of credible Trance once again.

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