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Jeremy Rowlett for Tonic Sessions

Jeremy Rowlett

Hello Jeremy, Greetings from India and Thank you so much for Being our Guest for the Month of February 2016. it’s our Pleasure and Honour to have you on Our Radio Show ‘Tonic Sessions’.

Q1 :  Your style of Music is quite distinct i.e Deep, Melodic & Progressive really impresses us, How & what makes you inspired to squeeze in such melodies into your Track’s, Can u tell us How Thought’s Become Music??

Hi, everyone! First of all, thanks for having me on Tonic Sessions! Was a pleasure to play!

Well, lately I’ve finished up some of the last remixes for a while and I’ve been focusing on original work for this year. I have a few new upcoming EPs releasing later this spring. My moods change a lot as it does with most people so I tend to get my inspiration from the things that affect my life. Whether those influences be good or bad, I always try to convert that into positive energy by using it towards my music. I’ve been slowly moving towards a much more darker sound. This has been the direct result of influence from other darker tracks I’ve heard over the past couple of years.

Q2 : We never knew you are good on skateboard too. Can u tell us more about it??

Haha! Well, growing up, I was never really big on team sports as others were. Having already been familiar with skateboarding from a very early age I learned later that it too was a sport of its own. So, studied the art as much as possible. Watching videos and mimicking tricks to learn them. It’s definitely been an outlet for me through my life other than music. I love the culture, the brands and especially the riders I’ve come to be familiar with and look up to over the years as they progressed.

Q3 : DJing/Producing, which started 1st? and When?

Producing definitely came first although I had some early experience with using vinyl. My family had an old record collection of oldies that I would play with on occasions. The art of DJ-ing intrigued me, but I never had much opportunity to do it out live until later years. I picked up production during my early high school career back in 2002, while enrolled in a technology class. I began producing hip-hop and produced bits for several local rap groups. A long time friend, later introduced me to Trance and all other sub-genres and since then I’ve moved towards making these sounds as they pleased me much more.

Q4 : You’ve always been the Backbone of Saturated Audio, When & How did it all Start??

I could never say that I’m the backbone of any major establishment. Not even myself really. Saturate Audio’s backbone is purely the two heads that run it and all the artists that they’ve hand selected to represent them. Without Basil and Styller and they’re amazing skill at picking artists like Solid Stone, Naden, Danilo Ercole, Forerunners, Sundrowner and all others on the label to showcase the sound they believe in, I don’t think it would have the success it’s had over just the few short years it’s been running. Receiving major support from top djs across the board like Armin, A&B, Markus Schulz, Corsten, Van Dyk, etc. They’ve definitely been a stand out label that has embraced my diversity and are open to work with me. But, more labels are opening up to my sounds and I think that’s really cool also.

Q5 : Your remix of “Far Away but Close” is amazing, Congratulations on that and an amazing way to kick things off for 2016. Can you tell us more what’s down the Pipeline for 2016??

Thanks! That was actually my first official attempt at doing a full on trance track at 138BPM haha! I think it turned out okay but I’m my worst critic. I think it could’ve been a lot better and I think I’ll stick to what I know from here on out. Speaking of which, I have a release for Saturate for March with a nice remix from a one of those special hands in the label. Should see promo for that in the coming days. Also a have a nice one coming soon for J00F also. I’m also in the early stages of an official website. More details on that later.

Q6 : We are really inspired by you and your music, Any Quick Tip for the  Newbie’s??  

It’s an amazing feeling to know that my music has touched people from so far away. It means a lot to me and it definitely motivates me to continue on with it. Life can get pretty discouraging at times. So, it’s nice to know when your work is paying off in one way or another. To me that’s worth more than money. As for tips for anyone who would want to venture into the world of production, all I can say is do it for you. If you love this music or any music and want to be apart of it, put your entire soul into it. You’ll be surprised at the results you come out with. 10 years ago I never would’ve thought I would have achieved some of the things I have. Hard work always pays off in the end and I’m far from finished.

Thanks again for having me!    

It’s Our Pleasure to have you on Duo Tonal – Tonic Session’s and We Wish You All the Very Best for Your Future Project’s. Cheer’s :-).  



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