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I’ve been working on Harmonia for some 2.5 years – Orkidea


Orkidea, perhaps one of the most respected artists in the scene today. He’s ready with his new album – Harmonia. Out on Black Hole Recordings

You can get a copy of the album here – iTunes

– Hi Tapio, It’s a huge honour for us to have you on Trance Hub again. Over 20 years in the dance music industry. Did you always wanted to be a musician?

I started piano and guitar classes at the age of seven and played in couple bands during early school years so yes I guess the idea of being a musician got there pretty early. But then I got bitten by techno bug in 1991 and guitars and bands got sidetracked for several years until I got my first synth around 1994 and wanted to make music with synths.

– Your new album is here – Harmonia. Tell us how long did the process take and what does this album means to you?

I’ve been working on the album for some 2,5 years. Getting album done and finished feels always great and now when the reception from people and critics seems to be a very positive one – I’m super duper happy! It’s been also quite a surprise to see such alternative music album topping the Finnish iTunes album chart and the Beatport trance releases chart with pretty much zero promotion support from the stores.

– The cover art – simple yet conveys so much more. Could you give us a sense of the thought behind it?

Glad you like it! The cover art is actually an analog photo taken by my friend, Finnish well recognised art photographer Niko Luoma. I’ve liked his photos for years and thought that they have some of that retrofuturistic vibe I’m after. And when the album title was confirmed to be “Harmonia” I thought this visual had a sense of harmony & piece in it even if it’s pretty dark and edgy at the same time.

– You’ve had fantastic chemistry with Solarstone for years, now also Giuseppe. How was it working with these guys for tracks on your album?

I’m a big fan and friend at the same time with both so it was at the same time very relaxed but also very exciting to work with them. Both are extremely musical so they brought that side to the collabs while Giuseppe delivered some of his bouncey 138 energy to the track – which I was exactly hoping for.

– Any track in the album you are particularly proud of, or had a tough time producing?

It’s always hard to pick up any favorites as all songs are “your children” in some sense and usually time will tell and make some special through good experiences while playing those. At the moment p:Machinery, Z21, Redemption are perhaps my favorites in club sets while “Nana” – which is named after my daughter – holds a very important place in my heart.

– The world has been hearing Tapio’s work via Nokia ringtones. How has your experience been on working with Nokia…Oops Microsoft now? :)

I like very much my “day job” at Microsoft where I’m heading a sound design team responsible for most of the phone sounds, music for marketing and lot of exciting audio branding work. To me the artist life and designer life support each other nicely.

– You also are a strong event promoter in Finland. Tell us a little about the trance scene there?

I’ve been doing events since 1992 and had people like Eric Prydz, Paul Oakenfold, Pete Tong, Sven Väth and Nick Warren playing at my parties during the years. Trance has always been very big in Finland and even if EDM and techno/deep house are very trendy at the moment, trance still has a dedicated following over here.

– As an artist who has seen the evolution of trance for more than 20 years, what does trance mean to you now?

To me trance means more than a label or genre. It’s certain kind of vibe and feeling where the hypnotic atmosphere, touching musical side and a driving groove all come together nicely to form a trance like sensation. Interestingly I seem to find lot of music I label “trance” also from other genres than trance while many trance releases sound more like electronic pop music to me. But don’t get me wrong, even if I’m firmly in the Pure Trance camp, I’m still not a purist – more like a PLURist J

– You made your USA debut earlier this year with Pure Trance, did USA and the crowd stand to your expectations?

The vibe at US and Canadian Pure Trance events has been fantastic. They are enthusiastic, know their music and have super positive vibes. Loved it there.

– The album release party is just behind you, I am sure it was fantastic..What more lineup up for the future?

Singles from the album, gigs in US, Canada, Europe, Australia, major festival gigs in Finland, interesting remixes and keeping on developing my sound and live set up. Exciting and happy times overall it seems!

Any message for your fans around the world?

Thank you so much for all the support now and during the years. It truly means a lot and I’m thankful for every single message, play, buy and gig attendance I’ve gotten during the years. Thank you.



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