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It’s a shame this is the last Trancefusion an end of an era that’s for certain – Sean Tyas

In our run up to the last Trancefusion event in Prague in April 2015, we are featuring a few artists who are making waves in the trance scene at the moment. We caught up with Sean Tyas, who is still going strong on the Trance scene. He has announced his new album but the innovator that he is, he is doing is differently. Read more to know what we mean

Hi Sean, pleasure to have you on Trance Hub again. At ASOT 700 Utrecht, we had a quick chat about your new project Degenerate. Could you tell our readers what it is all about?

Good to be back here.  Thanks for having me.  Okay so yea well the Degenerate new branding is now a real focus for me onto more meaningful and serious dance music.  More powerful.  Less floaty and less glitter sprinkles throughout.  It’s about injecting a little bit of punk rock attitude and edgier sounds into my repertoir.

Just read about your track on Trance Nation compiled by Simon Patterson – Da Doo Da Dah, how did you come up with that name?

Well there is the vocal there in the breakdowns of a relatively manic dude chanting  so that’s where the name came from. It’s a new single that is forthcoming on John O’Callaghan’s label Subculture in early May. It’s a pumping record in a style that I’m going to be making more of in the future I think.

Tell us one thing you love about the trance music scene at the moment?

The diversity and increased popularity that I think the scene is enjoying on the account of how many kids are now growing out of the EDM sound that has dominated their lives for so long.

Any further tracks you have signed up for Tytanium Records, can you share any exclusives?

Well on Tytanium we have some nice ones coming up including Gareth Weston’s new “Trojan” and Allan Morrow & Allen Watts’ “Identity” but for the time being I’ve taken a step back from the label – both in terms of helping A&R it as well as being an artist on it. I’m focused on other projects for other labels including my debut artist album “Degeneration” which will be releases as a series of EPs through this year.

You have played many editions of Trancefusion spring all over the years; tell us more about the Central European trance crowd?

Always pretty wild.  Prague is a great example of this type of crowd. It’s just such a shame this is the last Trancefusion event. It’s the end of an era that’s for certain.

It is sad that this year marks the last edition of Trancefusion in Prague, any special memories you have with it and will you miss Trancefusion?

This event turned into something massive over the years.  The organisation and production are always fantastic, as well as the hospitality to the artists playing. It’s a really slick operation from every side and always a pleasure to be a part of.

What are your top 5 tracks at the moment?

In no particular order:

Sean Tyas – Da Doo Da Dah
Gareth Weston – Trojan
Bloodhound Gang – Dimes (Sean Tyas Remix)
Solarstone – Nothing But Chemistry Here (Sean Tyas Remix)
Junk Project – Brain Tool Vol. 1 (Giuseppe Ottaviani Rework)

Any message for your fans?

I can’t wait to see you in Prague and I can’t wait to play you a bunch of material off my new album. Keep listening to the Degenerate Radio show on every Friday at midnight CET or subscibe to the podcast for all the latest news and updates. #iAMDegenerate



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