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ISOS 13.5 with Richard Durand


Richard Durand dedicates In Search of Sunrise 13.5 to his home town and the Dutch Capital – Amsterdam. Wonder why it is called 13.5? Read On..

You can also buy your copy here – iTunes

  • Hi Richard, super to have you on Trance Hub again. What makes Amsterdam the theme of ISOS 13.5?

Thank you ! Nice to be back and answers some of your questions. Regarding my choice for Amsterdam was very simple. It is my hometown and I think that “we” have the very best party scene in  the whole world

  • Why is it called ISOS 13.5? Can we expect another half or what was the idea behind it?

I’m not the world’s most superstitious guy, but I’m as ‘13-phobic’ as they come! So there’ll be  no 13th floor at the ‘Casa del Sunrise’ and no 13th stop on the I.S.O.S. voyage on my watch! Be lucky! Stay lucky!

  • How did the decision of having BT mixing the CD come along?

BT is first of all a brilliant DJ and producer and had him on my shortlist already for a longer period of time. So when he did say YES to my request i was very happy

  • Talk us through a little about your 2 CDs – any tracks that you are really proud of on the mix?

This is a bit difficult for me to do because everyone has their own experience when they listen to the CDs. What I can say is that I always try to tell a story with the tracks I choose. CD 1 is always a bit more mello and softer than CD 2.

  • Two legends – Binary Finary & Three Drives have come together and created Icon, how did you get hold of that track?

Well that is a not very exciting story . Every year producers from all over the world are being asked if they can send in exclusive new tracks for the ISOS compilation. So out of more the 1000 tracks that i received this year I pick the best tracks

  • Do you think with so many compilations around, it is getting difficult to get exclusives for your mix?

No! In Search Of Sunrise is one of the biggest compilations in his music genre. Producers love to have their tracks on it

  • Let’s say we visit Amsterdam next year, tell us 3 places we HAVE to go while we are there?

The red light district, A coffee shop and rent a boat to sail the canals.. They are beautiful


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